Monday, April 18, 2011

Football. Motorbike's & Hot Chocolate.

I was eager to get up early on Saturday morning (before duty calls)  and get out on the bike to practise some of the skills I have been learning of late on the bike, but one look out the window put paid to that idea, rain...rain and yep you guessed it more rain.

Taylor's football wasn't cancelled, so I took her off to her game, stood in the pouring rain, and I mean pouring rain, and watched her team get beaten again.  Last week they were beaten 6-3, this week it was 5-2, Taylor scored in each game but the team has some serious skills problems.  The main thing is Taylor is enjoying it, but I can see her frustration at some of her team mates.  She is very competitive and doesn't like to lose.  She has scored 4 goals in 3 games, but for the sake of some simple passing skills by her teammates would of scored a couple more.  At one stage she was in front of the open goal, and all her teammate needed to do was pass it to her, unfortunately her team mate missed the ball completely. 

I won't repeat the word that came out of Taylor's mouth, but you could sense her annoyance.

Sunday morning dawned brighter, Taylor was keen to join me for a ride on the bike.  We headed off around Whitford, Clevedon, and Maratai. The ride Around the coast  is beautiful, and is one of the most scenic spots close to Auckland you will find.  Before long we were stopping at Pine Harbour  Marina for a coffee and hot chocolate.  Taylor suddenly seems keen on rides on the bike, although I have offered many times before it is only now that she is showing interest.  Even a short ride is fun though, and I always enjoy the one on one time with either of my kids. Having the chance to chat without any distractions is great.  It is amazing what we actually end up talking about.  In a few weeks time she turns 13, my little girl is growing up fast. It is great to see her growing up, being independent and making me proud. She is a determined and motivated girl.  But a part of me misses my little girl.  I treasure more and more these little moments we share together, because I realise it wont be long and they will stop completely.

It was not a large or long ride by any means, but it was great just to get out on the bike for a couple of hours. It always seems to refresh my soul.

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  1. Gorgeous photos Roger!

    Treasure every moment with your kids mate but don't panic, they'll always be your kids; no matter what age they are. Our 28 year old is still "my little girl" and comes on the back of my Street Triple from time to time!

    Love the camo pants! Err... shouldn't you be riding a street fighter? :-)

  2. Great post Roger.

    It is nice that you and your daughter could escape and have some one on one time. I think it is great that she is taking an interest in the bike. Start 'em young.

  3. Geoff: I could of swarn the Sprint is a street fighter!

    Trobaritz: Who knows how long she will remain interested. But it is great having time together.

  4. Gotta love the little escapes. Great that your daughter enjoys it, too. Cherish those moments while they last. I like those camo pants, too. Do they come with armor?

  5. Nice, the first two pics...curves that seem to go on forever. What a special time to spend with your daughter. You will always treasure those times. The moments may change and become something new, but I don't think they'll stop completely.

    Our kids are grown. Reading your post almost makes me wish we had introduced motorsports into our lives when the kids were younger, but our son has learned to ride, and has his own bike. Not surprisingly, he chose something very different from us. He always marched to his own tune. Our daughter likes to ride pillion with her dad, when she's home for a visit. Moments change, but they don't disappear.

    Great post, I enjoyed reading it very much! And good for Taylor, hanging in there when things are a little tough!

  6. AAhh...such a lovely ride and day! I'm sorry Taylor didn't have a great game, but that is also part of learning teamwork.

    I love Taylor's smile in the one break photo! However, despite other commenter's, I would say lose the camo. ;)

    Great day, glad you had a good time!


  7. Sonja: The pants are dragging jeans, made for use on a motorbike. I dont wear them often, as I am not convinced they really offer much protection.

    Bluekat: Thanks for commenting. Taylor sounds like your child, she has her own determined agenda. I love her to bits as I do my son. I just enjoy the time I have.

    Lor: There isa nothing wrong with mu pants! I set the trends....dont follow them! Beside I think it gives me the macho look..heheh.

  8. Great post as always,shame there was no win for taylor after her great efforts, but she is still a winner for being out there doing it in the rain.Glad you guys had a great ride, My daughter is just to cool to be riding around with dad at the moment,she's turning 16 this weekend, but she used to love coming for a ride with dad.But all is not lost as she was riding around on a 50cc dirtbike in the weekend.Only one of my boys rides bikes now and wants to start my grandson,the other son is only interested in cameras,but i love em all to bits.Cheers,keep em coming.

  9. Great post! Not only did I really dig the road pics... (awesome looking riding, btw) but you brought back some very fond memories of me and my dad.

    Our little rides together, just he and I, made me feel like I was very special indeed. I shared my dad with 3 brothers, so being the only girl gave me a slight advantage in some cases.

    My dad passed away last year and even though I miss him terribly, I have a lifetime of treasured memories that give me peace and comfort.

    There will come a time in your daughters life, that these moments she shares with you, will carry her through some difficult times. She may not always tell you, but being a daughter myself... I always thought my daddy hung the moon!

    Congratulations! I'm sure your up there somewhere!

  10. It's great that she enjoys it, I wish I had introduced my daughter to the bike but I seem to go out with guys all the time and it's not the place for her. This summer we will be going out together for sure. Awesome road with all the twisties :-)
    Cool pants, have to get myself a pair :-)

  11. Roger you're a lucky man. My now 20 yr old son has never shown any interest in motorcycles or riding, despite there always being on in the garage his whole life.

    Cheers Jules.

  12. I know all too well about being a 'baby' forever. My mom still calls me this at home or in public. If she's into the motorbikes, embrace it! (It looks like you are.) Of course, don't be surprised when she's 17 and comes home with her new boyfriend... on a crotch rocket. Best of luck when you get there!

    Behind Bars - Motorcycles and Life

  13. Many thanx for the comment kiddo. Oh, and Happy Easter!?!

    I WISH that 1 of my kids...ANY 1 of the 2 girls/2 boys....woulda followed in both their parents footsteps 'n got into motorcycles themselves. But alas, they did NOT :-( The oldest 2 got lots more exposure to the lifestyle but never did bite. But anyway...

    Its nice to read a guy's perspective on ridin'. I'm so used to followin' Chessie on her excursions, so it looks like ya'll balance it out quite nicely. Now I've gotta neat lil' set of biker blog bookends rite inside my browser! ;-)

  14. Godbother: Thanks mate, I appreciate your encouragment . I am hoping in the years to come we wil do many road trips.

  15. Lady Ridesalot; The relationship between father and daughter is as speciel as gather and son. I hope I do create memories for her as I think that is a great gift.

  16. Brady: I DONT want he to become 17 but some how I think she will. I dread the day of the new boy friend, Still if her boyfriends is into bikes I will propbably like him.

  17. Med Donna Jean, Welcome aboard I have been rading and following you for some time. Glad I can even out the balance for you. Hopefully you will enjoy some of my travels here in New Zeland.

    I vever took up bikes till I was in m late thirties so there is still hope for all your family.