Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The Winter of Discontent.

It has been one of those winters.  Hence the lack of blogging.

Wet, cold, bloody temperamental weather to be exact.  It is not as if it was any worse or better than years gone by, it just seemed that when it wanted to rain it did it on a Saturday and Sunday.

I have got out for a few rides.  A couple of IAM observer training runs, not much dirt riding and just the odd afternoon run when the sun comes out.  Sundays IAM ride was great and the weather did play it's part.  

Still spring has almost sprung and you can tell a definite warming of temperatures.  After last years "worse summer ever" could we be in for a golden one...who knows?  I gave up on the weather man years ago.

The highlight of the winter has been Taylor s football, her team won there league and once again Taylor played a big part scoring 27 of the teams 33 goals.....such a proud Dad! (Apparently I am quite vocal as well )

I enjoyed reading everyone's ride reports over the northern summer.  I am always amazed at the mileage the american bloggers cover on there trips....750miles in a day would be a real mission here in NZ. Yet you  guys seem to run them off as if it is an afternoon jaunt.

Trip of the Summer has to go George for his trip to Alaska....amazing pics/scenery/ what a great adventure for over a month.  The bears looked really cuddly to.....

The most entertaining has to go to Lori, you had me in stitches a few times.  Poor Oil burner....

It was great to see so many of you getting together for the Bloggers Convention, Wished I could of been there to regale you with copious kiwi tales.... well done Eric, it looks like you traveled the furthest!  It was neat to see many of you riding together for some of the way home as well....

I am looking forward to spring.  I am sure I will complete many miles this year, might have a go at camping and really getting off the beaten track, may consider hitting the South Island again and enjoy some of the great gravel roads they have down there..including Molesworth and Rainbow, both great adventure rides.  Generally I think I will go bush and do a bit of exploring..

I had the BMW in for a service yesterday, want ed to learn a bit so stayed and watched the technician work his magic.  It was interesting and I actually learnt some stuff...excellent!  Wished I had a hose and bucket though so I could of cleaned the hard to get to places.  So she is all ready to go for the summer.

Friday, August 3, 2012


Just wondering how you Aussies and Candians are doing at the olympics?

Aussie shouldnt feel to bad, lithuania only has one gold to....

You might need to revaluate you supposed finish of 5th on the table though.....

Oh look Steve, Dave, Jules.....NZ is 12th!  But you probably all ready know that......because every kiwi within a hundred mile radius is going to tell you!