Sunday, October 28, 2012


After reading this from Richard I felt it was my turn to share our season..

Apparently summer arrived on the weekend....

The kids had friends over and spent Saturday afternoon in the pool..I knew it was hot because the ice melted very quickly in my Vodka.

Sunday was also the monthly IAM ride and the great weather stayed for the day.  9 Associates/ 9 observers and it was a great day.  Took a guy called Peter out who I had taken out last month. and it was great to see a improvement in his riding from last month.  Had a couple of great discussions on the side of the road and just really enjoyed the riding.  Feels great to be able to put something back into a sport that I have enjoyed so much.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

You better watch out....


cause I am coming over to the States at Christmas.    I must be insane, surely I should be out riding great roads in the midst of the kiwi summer.  But no, not me, why not do some thing different.  Got me ETSA today, because Kiwis are such loveley people and are highly unlikely to ever invade the USA we are actually welcome. 

So I am off to visit some bloggers and other poor unsuspecting friends in the land of eternal straight roads.  Poor Lori from Atlanta , (Had to google where it is)  will be the first victim of my kiwi humor and intelligent wit.  And she is even throwing in  a trip to Savannah..apparently we are staying in a motel that has it's own ghost, I hope the ghost likes really funny kiwi gay guys!  

Of course with the American peso almost on par with the kiwi yuan why not visit San Francisco as well which is where I will spend  six days.   There are vicious romours that a unplanned blogger convention is on the cards for the weekend  of the 5th and 6th january....I have it it on unreliable authority that Mr Bob, beautiful Brandy and hubby Brad may be floating around.....Perhaps who knows who else may turn up. Maybe even Sonja will show....  On the bright side nobody can say they couldnt come cause it was to far.....not as far as 8000miles for me!

Yes I know,  why abandon the kiwi summer for the states...well I just feel sorry for there struggling economy so thought I would contibute a small part of the recovery plan....I can assure you it will be small as I am staying budget everywhere.

So there you go holiday plans revealed......apparantly according to the very nice guy at NZ customs I am not allowed to bring the cat....bummer really I am sure he would of sorted the ghost problem.  

I am very much looking forward to meeting some great friends who i all ready feel I know well face to face.  So just an informal invite for that weekend in San Fran in case anyone else would like to join....Richard....George.....Keith.....I know I know to hey no harm in asking.....

Monday, October 22, 2012

A Small Adventure.

It was labour (public holiday here in En Zed.) day today...and it actually wasn't raining. Compared to the violent storm that swept through yesterday it was as close to a miracle if ever there was one...

So out came the Beemer for some gravel rash adventures around the northern part of Auckland. It was about time I locked into my memory some of these roads anyway. It it close enough to Auckland to get away for a few hours of gravel riding before returning home.  Knowing them like the back of my and would be a good idea.

Andy (partner in crime)  and I met up at the Shell at Westgate, and after a nutritious breakfast of a sugar drink and sausage roll we headed north to do some exploring.  We weren't really sure of where we were going but  keen to just ride some gravel roads and see where we ended up. I was confident that between the two of us we would  find our way.....but as it turns out.....

We had been riding for short while and were stopped on the side of the road to gather our bearings and decide our next direction when a guy on a KLR pulled up to check we were OK.  After a brief chat it was clear to Andy and I that he actually knew where he was going..which is more than can be said for us.

So we followed him as he took us through a awesome loop of gravel roads around Puhoi and Kaipara.  When we stopped you could not wipe the grins of our faces.  How neat and fortuitous to meet up with a guy and enjoy some great riding.  Eventually later in the day we departed.  Andy and I stopped for some food before taking a few more roads and eventually heading home.

Isn't it great how fellow bikers can meet up, enjoy some riding and then depart..richer for the whole experience.  I love biking....

here are a few pics from the day...

I stopped in the city on my way home to have coffee with a friend and then meandered doesnt matter how long or short the ride, it is always great to get out.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Smell the Flowers

I arrived at work at 4:30 this morning...

The stitcher wouldn't boot up properly...took to six to get it running..

At eight  the first client phoned to check on progress.. wasn't happy when I informed him we were behind schedule and his job would not make the 8:30 am deadline..

I then had an argument with one of the stuff...just after one of the other staff went home sick..

Still in a foul mood from the morning's adventures I got in the car to go and get some lunch.  While stopped at the lights I noticed an older gentleman walking along the road..I watched him stop..pause...lean over and smell some flowers that he was walking past...and then he carried on his way.  Sometimes the smallest things speaks the biggest lesson.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Pink Ribbon 2012

So this weekend was the Pink Ribbon ride, a fund raiser for the Breast cancer foundation. Just like in Vancouver.   Always a great cause and  I am sure most of us will know some one who has been affected by this.  For me it was my Auntie who died.  So When Phil from IAM asked for volunteers with marshaling again , I made ever effort to get there.  This included dragging both kids along.  My friend Richard volunteered to take one his bike....of course sorting out who was going on who's turned into a drama...but Dad sorted it :) dads do!

The weather on Saturday was diabolical..but it returned to a degree of normality  on the Sunday of the ride.  I am sure there was a big sigh of relief from the organisers, because I doubt any one would of turned up if Sunday had been like Saturday.

We got there bright and early and had the pleasure of getting a coffee....well the kids got me one, that is why I had children after all.  Then we got to watch all the other bikes drift in.  Over 300 in total.  Great to see so many people getting into the spirit of the occasion.

The ride it self is not long, only about 30-40mins to cover the distance to the final destination by Western Springs.

The Marshall's all left about 10 minutes before the ride began to get in position for the bikes coming through.  I was stationed at Pitt street and Hobson street.  A police car was there as well and all I had to ensure is that the bikes went around both sides of the Island to ensure free flow and no bottle necks.  With that done it was back on the bike and we joined the rest of the bikes for the last part of the ride.

All in all a great day for a worthy cause.  The kids really enjoyed being a part of it and I enjoyed having them along for the ride.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012


After reading Richard talk so well about blogsy on the iPad I wanted To give it a go. I have tried a couple before with out much success.

So if theses proves successful I will be very happy man.