Saturday, July 27, 2013


July, supposedly one of our wettest and coldest months down under has been any thing but.

Warm, mild temperatures in the mid teens (Celsius).  And dry, with nothing but the odd shower.

Of course this has meant some decent weather for riding, nothing big. No big tours but  good riding weather none the less.

Sunday was to be no different.

The IAM Sunday ride falls on the last Sunday of the month, but I decided to play hooky today and go for a ride with Nathan.  I have done a lot of IAM stuff of late, as well as running around after Taylor and her endless football demands.  All of that is good, but it was time for me to do some thing with my son.

So with Taylor  at her game, I headed out with Nat on the back.  To be honest I wasn't sure  where we were going to go, but it occurred to me as we were leaving that I had never taken him to Muriwai. I have taken Taylor before but not Nat.

We are so blessed here in this country to have easy access to some wonderful marine parks, beaches and reserves. All with  easy access and a short ride.  Muriwai is one of Auckland's wonderful West coach beaches.  In New Zealand the West coast is considered the rougher side.  But that has its advantages and disadvantages....surfers love it...but dangerous swimming.

As u can see it  was a lovely ride.  With some great pic's of a guy  paragliding by the gannet colony, as well as great views.  Coffee was  brilliant and the food from the local cafe exceptional.  So we were only out for a few hours but it was just a great day.