Friday, May 11, 2012

Did you know.......?

No this is not just any ordinary video.

The sound track is written and recorded by me.   I actually have a EP out, didn't exactly take off....still waiting for a call from Sony!   Still who cares, it was a lot  of fun although I don't play and write songs as much as I use to.  Believe it or not one of my songs actually got played on the radio, TWICE.

So as I did last night I have added  a few pics to my song and this is the result.  Ironically the song is called mud, and was written well before I was into adventure riding.  Be warned i am not the best listen at your own risk!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Three Bloggers.

As many if you will be aware NZ has been blessed by the presence of well known international German/Canadian import and famous blogger Sonja.  Sonja has been in NZ on business and it was great to have caught up with her aseveral times over the last two weeks.  With only a few days left before her departure back to the land of the maple tree, Sonja organised to catch up with that other well known and international blogger/superstar, humanitarian and cat lover Geoff James.  So me of course always being up for a free feed and good wine decided I would tag along and gate crash their party at Geoff and Jennies lovely retirement village in the picturesque Coromandel. (Will probably get in the shit with Jennie for that one)

Heading off from Auckland early Friday afternoon ensured I had a nice relaxed ride down to Thames.  Getting into Thames well ahead of schedule  I realized that if I get to Geoff's too early I will probably finish the first bottle of wine before Sonja even arrives.   I decided it would be better if I took the long route around the coast, pass Whitianga and over the hill to Coro.  Adding another nice 80kms of twisty and wonderful roads to my Friday afternoon.

I enjoyed the ride but encountered a lot of sun strike which kept my speeds down and my observation skills on high alert. The sun was setting and I was greeted to the most amazing views.

The view from the "Village"

I got to Geoff 7 Jennie's a good hour before Sonja (around 6), where Geoff kindly offered me a coffee....which I polity declined and suggested a more refreshing drop was  the order of the night! So we cracked open a wine and talked about cats till Sonja arrived.  Seriously Geoff's cat Annie is obsessed with him... don't ask me why, cant see the appeal myself.

A great evening of freshly caught snapper, fresh greens and delicious home made pie (I think it was pecan). Three bloggers brought together by the love of a common interest and a passion for friendship.  Great laughs  and companionship.  Truly one of life's great pleasures.

Saturday morning and in the true kiwi spirit Geoff threw Sonja the keys to his Triple and we headed off over the hill to look at Whangapoua and one of the most beautiful beaches on the Coromandel Peninsula. We caught up with Geoff 's mate Steve before Geoff and Sonja swapped places and I followed Geoff back to Coro, meanwhile Sonja was seeing what Jennie's MX5 was made off on the tight and twisty Coro hill.


Here we are...

Sonja about to thrash the MX5

After grabbing some freshly smoked fish and mussels from the Coromandel Smoked fish company, I said my farewells to Sonja.  It had been a delight. I was so pleased for the opportunity to have met her, and show her some of the sights that I rave about constantly here on my blog, and develop a friendship which will last for years.  (Got to feed her some great kiwi grub as well).