Monday, September 15, 2014

Bloody Hell Bob!

Bloody hell Bob you've gone.

You are going to be missed by many in the blogosphere!  .You were a good guy mate, Any one that that travels from Vancouver to San Francisco just to see me will always be held in high regard in my books.

You were a interesting guy!  Once I managed to get you to stop taking my photo and could get to know you, you had a interesting story to tell.  You had a heart of gold, loved motorcycling..and gadgets.....god did you love gadgets.

 You never did make in it down under, but I am sure that where you are now the scenery is better!

You  were the cornerstone of motor blogger world, and every one knew Bob.

Will miss you mate, and your blogs about bloody ones at that.

Where ever you are Bob, I hope that your camera is always charged, the road always windy and the gas tank always full!

My Aroha goes out to Yvonne and your family.