Friday, June 28, 2013

Meanwhile downunder....

It has been raining a lot.  Did I say a lot?  Yes a lot. I don't think I have ever seen it as wet as it has been the last couple of months, we may have had an awesome summer but we are making up for it now.

Normally our winters aren't to bad.  Certainly motorbike riding is  not out of the question.  But the roads have not had a chance to dry out and it is evident by some slippery and slimy roads.  Geoff was talking the other day about taking a couple of associates out for IAM and both had traction issues.

So apart from a few IAM runs my motorbiking has been limited.  This has of course given me the opportunity to settle into the new house, set up my we man cave and do a few things to the bikes.  Finally getting around to setting up the GPS on the 650 and other electrical gadgets on the k1200.....u know what I mean, fish finders and the like!  It is also a good time to sit down and start planning a few bike trips.  Very keen to hit the South Island again this year on the 650 so I can explore some of the great back road leading up to the high country.  Roads like the Molesworth road  are places I haven't seen or ridden. I want to concentrate on the upper South Island taking in the Nelson lakes etc.

There is something to be said for a small home. Easy to manage and run.  Very happy I must say.

The Captain.

Notice the Team oreon cap....xx

With the soccer season in full swing,   the week with the kids is taken up with endless football training's and games for Taylor.  Meanwhile Nat has joined the sea scouts and decided mountain biking is what he wants to do...which means Dad has to do it to....shit.  Should be fun I suppose and we do have some decent tracks close by.  I just do prefer an engine when sitting on two wheels.

Hopefully some decent motorbike blods to follow soon as spring gets here!

Saturday, June 15, 2013

The K1200s

Since I have got back into bikes there have been only one that really touched my soul.  It was my Daytona 955i.  It had a beauty of a engine,  sounded like it was on steroids and handled well.  It just has some thing.   There has been nothing wrong with any of the other bikes I have owned, but none of them moved me the way the 955 did.  The sprint was great did every thing right..but it never really stirred me.

So along comes  this BMW K1200s.  Splendid in black with an aftermarket exhaust, and I knew the instant I started it up that we were going to have a beautiful relationship.  The throaty growl from the twin brothers aftermarket exhaust just enhances the thrill of  the in line four, it really does sound like a turbine engine eating cocaine.  

Like most BMW's it came pretty specked up.   Heated grips, Electronic Suspension adjustment, traction control, luggage...and attitude, and did I say it looks good!

The biggest bonus of this bike is it's handling. The ESA has an arrange of options which are easily adjusted by the button on the bars.  Stroll through I can adjust when I have a pillion, or carrying luggage, or if I just want a "quick" bit of fun.

Which brings me to the word quick.......


  [kwik]  Show IPA adjective, quick·er, quick·est, noun, adverb, quick·er, quick·est.
done, proceeding, or occurring with promptness or rapidity, as an action, process, etc.; prompt;immediate: a quick response.
that is over or completed within a short interval of time: a quick shower.
moving, or able to move, with speed: a quick fox; a quick train.
swift or rapid, as motion: a quick flick of the wrist.
easily provoked or excited; hasty: a quick temper.

For me...point number four seems the correct definition.

This bike is an absolute weapon to ride.  It is incredible responsive and has far more usable power than I think I will be ever able to use, saying that though I am keen to at least try.  0-100kms in 2.8secs....big grin factor,  just need to remind my pillion before I open the throttle.  

The biggest surprise for me was how comfy the bike is to ride, it's barely different to the Sprint.  I think its title of hyper sports tourer seems pretty correct.  I am not a small guy and it is very comfy for me.  European bike built for sums it up.

Of course with any new bike purchase, it is essential that 'we'personlise it...bling bling bling..

So I have added a carbon fibre centre piece and battery cover, have to say looks the shits!  whooo

Also, have added a tank bag which just clicks to the fuel tank, no straps, tidy and simple.  Never been a fan of tank bags as a rule but pretty impressed with this one I got from Pirates Lair in the states.   While I am at it,  Can't speak highly enough of these guys an girls, very helpful and a delight to deal with.  Always scary when buying stuff from over seas but extremely happy with the result and service.  

Having just moved into a new smaller  home I have created a nice little man cave for me and the bikes, I even have a wee work bench, and I feel like quite the straight guy.  So to help move the bikes around I purchased a Motorcycle trolley dolly, just flick the bike on to it with the centre stand and presto, piece of piss to move stuff around.  I can more the bikes over to the corners and move them around depending on which one I am playing with. just looking for a nice little beer fridge to fit under my table and I have a place of refuge.

Sorry about he pics, camera was flat so just used my phone.