Friday, December 24, 2010

On Holiday!

Today we head off on our annual holiday.  I have a rented a Bach in the very beautiful Mahau Sound, this is part of Marlborough sounds.  A stunning and beautiful area at the top of New Zealand's South Island.
 This is the Bach where we are staying.
and this is the bath on the deck!

Unfortunately, bags , food, boogie boards, 2 x kids, 1 x partner, 2  doz wine, lap tops, ipods, and other assorted stuff dictates that we will not be going on the bike!! Arrgh!! Arrgh!!  

Now don't get me wrong I will thoroughly enjoy the holiday  and spending quality time with my kids and partner, but there is a part of me that is going to go nuts as I see all the bikes on our travels!  We of course have to catch the ferry from Wellington through to Picton (this is a beautiful ferry ride by the way, as we get close to Picton we travel through Queen Charlotte sound),  and there of course are gonna be bikes on the ferry, and couples and individuals that are touring the South Island on a bike.

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Man it is going to drive me nuts!!!!

I have a wee four day road trip planned on the bike when we return from the South Island, so at least I will get some motorcycling done this Holiday's.  The weeks leading up to Christmas have been so busy at work and family commitments that poor old Beth has not done many miles.    I have yet to warn my partner that when  we do finally get out on the bike I think we will do about 3000kms in four days, just to make up for lost time.

This will be me in about 24 hours time.

Still I am looking forward to exploring the top of the South Island,  there are lots of beautiful walks and beaches.  In fact the Bach I have hired sits right on the water and even has a hammock and a bath on the deck over looking the sounds.  A day trip to Nelson, and a few trips to the winery's of around Blenheim are also in order.

I have few good books to read, a 2000 piece jig saw puzzle to do with the kids, and of course the rugby ball.  We cannot go anywhere with out our beloved rugby ball!

Monday, December 20, 2010

The Revenge of the Pussys!

In the spirit of Geoff's post,

I thought I will show you the boss of my house.  He answers to Moses, that is when he can be bothered.  He is fourteen now, and is still the most bossy pussy you have ever meet!  But I have had him for a long time in fact longer than any relationship  (God that's embarrassing).

He life revolves moving from the deck to the kitchen and then back to the deck, occasionally he will sit by my feet.  Sometime when he has a moment of weakness he might even jump up onto my lap.  He guards the house with a vengeance.  No other pussy gets within a hundred yards of our house.

He is a rather large pussy who, like his dad, likes his food.

I love my pussy, he has been a great pet, and is very loyal.

So who is next.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Random Pics.

Here are a few random pics that I though I would share, I dont have many old ones yet untill I visit my folks up north. In the mean time these are some from when I owned a boat and a couple of my bikes.  Sailing is something else that I also loved, but the cost became to much. Motobikes in comparasion are cheap.

No..not me! My Daughter on my first bike bike. August 1998

My 955i Daytonna.  A great  sounding bike March 2007.
My lucky hat!! (the fish looked bigger in real life)

Sunset on the back of WINDSWEPT. Rakino Isalnd 2008

Sunrise Chamberlins Bay, looking out at Coromandel Peninsula.2008. It was one of the most spectacular I have ever seen.  The photo does not do it justice.

The BRITTEN, Te Papa. Date weekend with my daugher 2007

WINDSWEPT, under full sail. She was a great boat to sail!

God I loved that hat!
THe kids and I.

Nathan...looking very cool.
   I hope you enjoyed these.  When the oppourtunity presents I will scann and post some old ones.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Help from fellow bloggers needed here.

Now I am thinking of adding another horse to the stable.  I have for some time loved these bikes, but of course owning a Triumph I have been in the closet about it.  If Beth new what I was contemplating I am sure she would be most upset.

  I am still not comitted to getting one, although it is seriously out there at there mo!

So which one is better the Red or Black?

Any help and comments on this issue would be most appreciated.  I am thinking black..........

There is so not gonna be any inheritance left for my kids when I kark it..........