Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Growing Older

It was with great anticipation I picked up the latest Kiwi biker magazine from the super market today.

This is one of the few printed publications that I enjoy reading, and I was excited to see Geoff's article on older riders printed on page 47.    It is apparent that Geoff has touched on a topic that many off us are interested in, or like me just had never thought about.  Yet it still remains relevant.

There is also a mention on David Houghs books, one of which I am reading at the moment.  This is an excellent book.

I personally think, that the fact that Geoff has pursued this, and is giving back some thing to the biking community has to be applauded.  If we all made a conscious effort to encourage safer riding and have healthy discussion on topics like this, I am sure the deathly biking road toll in New Zealand would come down.  Admittedly Geoff probably has more time than most of us, but this time is put to good use when a topic he is passionate about gets national attention.

Geoff by his own passion has  brought very relevant issues to the fore front and that is was printed in NZ's biggest biking publication is an excellent result.

Well done Geoff.   Now where is my laminated, gold foil, embossed, framed and signed, copy!!


  1. Bravo Geoff! :)
    Thanks Raftnn for letting us know about the article.

  2. Sigh..... I was going to keep quiet about this to fellow bloggers Roger, **blush**. Already had a smart-arse email from the Triumph dealer I bought the Striple from asking for autographed copies, grrrr. He'll keep!

    You'll keep too matey ;-).

    Thanks for the kind words but they're genuinely not earned. David Hough deserves the credit for all his questioning which prompted it.

    With respect to the training aspect of the article, I had an email from the Institute of Advanced Motorcyclists today saying I'd been assigned a mentor for the next stage of the process. Excited about the prospect but hellishly nervous too!

    Oh and thanks Kari :-)

  3. Thanks Blukat,

    Goood news Geoff about the mentor, looking forward to hearing how it all goes. The more I learn the more I relise how much more thre is to lern.

  4. Cat's out of the bag. Ooooh we know a famous author. Where are those autographed copies?

    Thanks for sharing Roger and kudos to you Geoff for the publication.

  5. I second and third Bluekat and SonjaM!! We know someone famous and will want free pointers in exchange for keeping the riff-raff away from you while we are dining on some patio overlooking our bikes in the NZ sunshine.

    Well done and thanks for bringing it to our attention!


  6. Lori & Trobritz....Deep down I am sure Geoff is loving the attention. Your idea lori of stitting on the deck in the NZ sun appeals greatly, of course we would be talking till the early hours.

  7. I'd also like to add my congratulations to the mix. Way to go.

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