Sunday, June 19, 2011

Stage two complete.

So finally on the weekend we were able to move into our new home, felt like a long wait and a lot of hard work.  But as we sat down on a wet Sunday afternoon, lit the fire and had a glass of wine, all the hard work was forgotten and we were able to relax.

The music room.

Some of my guitars.

We still have lots of little things do do, put pictures up, etc, and we still have a few boxes to work through that arein the garage.  Glad the worst is over, perhaps now I can get back to doing what I enjoy, riding my bike and catching up on lots of blogs I havernt had a time to read properly.  Roll on summer....


  1. The place is even more beautiful with the touches of home in it. I bet that you are over the moon happy at finally moving in. Congratulations.

  2. Starting to look like a "home". I don't think I knew you were into music and guitars. My son likes to play.

  3. Guitars, wow, didn't know you played either. I was scrolling down and had expanded the picture with the fireplace when my wife leaned over and said "nice house" and I replied " needs a few pictures on the wall" ha ha, as soon as I said that, I scroll down and see your comment about "put pictures up, etc" funny :-)