Monday, June 20, 2011

Trip Planning-24th december-2nd January 2012

This Christmas my partner and I are heading off to the stunning South Island for a quick trip.  One thing that I always enjoy doing before a big trip is the planning, actually my partner insists it is the only thing I plan for....but that is a different story.

I love looking at different routes to take, places to stop, planing big days, and not so big days on the bike.  Realising that my long suffering partner may not want to spend every daylight hour "on a lean", I try to even things out a bit.

I have toured the South Island before , so this time round I had a couple of roads and places I really want to travel.  So it has taken some real sorting to get it all planed.

Day 1, 24th December, will see us heading South, leaving Auckland early and catching the 6.30pm ferry from Welling ton into Picton.  Where we will stay the night. A long and tiring day....but hey...looks whats coming!

Day 2, Christmas day will see us heading down the east side and straight to Christchurch, where we will spend the afternoon and evening with some friends.

Day 3, 26th December. sees us heading to Wanaka, (425kms) this fulfills my ambition to spend a night there, and positions us perfectly to ride the best road in NZ.....Wanaka to Haast the following day.

Day 4, 27th December.  Will see us heading north through Haast and up the great West coast, including Fox and Franz Joseph Glaciers, finishing in Hokitika. This is a big days riding, but will be full of awesome scenery and great roads.  When I am working my butt of leading up to Christmas this will be the day I will be thinking about the most.  It is with out a shadow of a doubt my favourite road in all of NZ.

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Photos of Haast Pass, South Island
This photo of Haast Pass is courtesy of Trip Advisor

Day 5, will see us heading back to Christchurch, this also means I get to travel the fantastic Arthur's pass.

Arthurs Pass Images
This photo of Arthur's Pass is courtesy of Trip Advisor

Arthurs Pass Pictures
This photo of Arthur's Pass is courtesy of Trip Advisor

Day 6, will see us heading north and then back in land to Westport.

Day 7, will see us heading to the very northern tip of the South Island, Colling wood. Another goal of mine.

Day 8 will see us exploring the North and then heading back to Nelson. Where we will leave back to Picton the following morning and the ferry and back north home.

The trip will entail about 5000kms over 10 days.....whoooooo

Like all trips, there will be changes made while riding, so I can not say for sure that this will be the exact route, but hopefully we will keep prett much to it.  If we encounter really crap weather then who knows where we will end up.


  1. It appears you have a good handle on the planning process. It is always good to have a plan and be flexible in it's execution.

    I'm thinking you two will have a lot of fun on the trip.

  2. Awesome Roger! Funnily enough, my next post is going to be some photos from our last trip!

    It really doesn't get any better than the south island!

  3. The waterfall alone would make the trip worthwhile!! Sweet!

  4. Wow, six months in advance. I'm still trying to figure out my Fourth of July trip to Michigan. Of course, it is by car and so maybe that makes it more of a point and go . . .

    Or, perhaps I'm incapable of making a decision :)

    It is good to have a plan.

  5. Trobaritz: Biking is the only thing I plan for!

    Geoff: It just doesnt get any netter than the Soulth other words I agree with you 100%

    Ken: Thanks

    K: Have a great trip.....even if it is in the car.

    Ronnie: THanks for commenting, and the offer, but I all ready have two kids and they cost me a bloody fortune!

  6. Maybe you should plan a trip in the near future. I hear there's a wanderlost young Emperor Penguin at Peka Peka Beach near Wellington. Not sure where that is from you but I guess this would be a once in a lifetime event!