Saturday, December 11, 2010

Random Pics.

Here are a few random pics that I though I would share, I dont have many old ones yet untill I visit my folks up north. In the mean time these are some from when I owned a boat and a couple of my bikes.  Sailing is something else that I also loved, but the cost became to much. Motobikes in comparasion are cheap.

No..not me! My Daughter on my first bike bike. August 1998

My 955i Daytonna.  A great  sounding bike March 2007.
My lucky hat!! (the fish looked bigger in real life)

Sunset on the back of WINDSWEPT. Rakino Isalnd 2008

Sunrise Chamberlins Bay, looking out at Coromandel Peninsula.2008. It was one of the most spectacular I have ever seen.  The photo does not do it justice.

The BRITTEN, Te Papa. Date weekend with my daugher 2007

WINDSWEPT, under full sail. She was a great boat to sail!

God I loved that hat!
THe kids and I.

Nathan...looking very cool.
   I hope you enjoyed these.  When the oppourtunity presents I will scann and post some old ones.


  1. Fantastic photos Roger! I loved the colour scheme on the CBR - the best of them all! What sort of boat was Windswept - she is a cracker. We hired a Farr 1020 in the Bay of Islands and loved big boat sailing. Got to agree with you about boat costs. I used to race a Paper Tiger catamaran at national level. New mylar sail every year, new mast every couple. Motorcycling IS cheap by comparison!

    Breathtaking shot of the Coro sunrise.

    Thanks for taking the trouble to post them!

  2. Hi Geoff, The boat was a Davidson 28, masthead rig, a fantastic NZproduction boat, was a great boat to sail, wickedly fast in the light. One day when we get together I will tell you a few hilerious stories of my sailing and racing expolits. I could full a book with them. I would be interested to her yours as well!

    My CBR was my first big bike, although I didnt have a license at the time. Was a bit crazy to buy it.

  3. Your little daughter on the big bike: priceless. And Nathan, looks cool, already a little heart breaker, isn't he?
    Love the sunset pics. I am a big fan of boats, but it is an expensive hobby, hence I stick to motorcycling. Wish I could do both, though.

  4. Hi Sonja, yes Nat will be a heart breaker allright! Thanks for your comments, you are right about boating, a rich mans hobby, unless you are good at fixing things. have a great xmas and New Year. Roger

  5. That is a stunning picture of the boat at Chamberlins Bay!!

  6. Thansk Nic, It was indeed extremly spectacular, have a great Xmas, and lets get out for a ride soon!

  7. Great pictures. Thank you for sharing. Can't wait to see some of the older ones when you get them.

  8. Nice! I too love sailboats, and have sailed exactly twice, but your comments of expense and work quickly talk me out of wanting one! LOL..

  9. Nice pics Roger! I especially like the shots of the NZ sunrise and sunset. I also really like your current bike! Very nice ride!

  10. Hi Mike, Thanks for your comments.