Friday, December 24, 2010

On Holiday!

Today we head off on our annual holiday.  I have a rented a Bach in the very beautiful Mahau Sound, this is part of Marlborough sounds.  A stunning and beautiful area at the top of New Zealand's South Island.
 This is the Bach where we are staying.
and this is the bath on the deck!

Unfortunately, bags , food, boogie boards, 2 x kids, 1 x partner, 2  doz wine, lap tops, ipods, and other assorted stuff dictates that we will not be going on the bike!! Arrgh!! Arrgh!!  

Now don't get me wrong I will thoroughly enjoy the holiday  and spending quality time with my kids and partner, but there is a part of me that is going to go nuts as I see all the bikes on our travels!  We of course have to catch the ferry from Wellington through to Picton (this is a beautiful ferry ride by the way, as we get close to Picton we travel through Queen Charlotte sound),  and there of course are gonna be bikes on the ferry, and couples and individuals that are touring the South Island on a bike.

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Man it is going to drive me nuts!!!!

I have a wee four day road trip planned on the bike when we return from the South Island, so at least I will get some motorcycling done this Holiday's.  The weeks leading up to Christmas have been so busy at work and family commitments that poor old Beth has not done many miles.    I have yet to warn my partner that when  we do finally get out on the bike I think we will do about 3000kms in four days, just to make up for lost time.

This will be me in about 24 hours time.

Still I am looking forward to exploring the top of the South Island,  there are lots of beautiful walks and beaches.  In fact the Bach I have hired sits right on the water and even has a hammock and a bath on the deck over looking the sounds.  A day trip to Nelson, and a few trips to the winery's of around Blenheim are also in order.

I have few good books to read, a 2000 piece jig saw puzzle to do with the kids, and of course the rugby ball.  We cannot go anywhere with out our beloved rugby ball!


  1. I hope you both have a great time! Enjoy and Unwind :) Cheers, Nick.

  2. Awesome Roger!
    Glass of champagne in the bath as the sun goes down, what could be better?

    Know what you mean about seeing all the bikes though, I'd feel exactly the same!

    All the best to you and your family

  3. Thanks Geoff, you have a great one to.

  4. Dude... I totally feel for you and the torture that you will be enduring. It has to be so difficult to return from a wonderful walkabout to soak in an outdoor tub, sipping your favorite beverage and watching the sun slip behind the mountains and water. Sheesh...

    Tell you what. You come up here, watch the weather and see if that snow and ice is actually going to come in. Deal with 40F highs next week and pray it will be possible to get out on the bikes. I will take your arduous holiday. :)

    Happy Holidays. Enjoy the family, fun and food! :)


  5. Hi Lori, I indeed feel your pain! I am extremly sympathic to your cause!.......any way must go, I dont want my bath to get cold!

  6. Merry Christmas Roger!
    - Mary Ann and William

  7. William & Mary Ann, And to you also!

  8. Merry Christmas from the land of snow and ice. Fortunately for me there are no other bikes on the road to make me jealous as I drive to share time with family. Thank you for revealing this blessing to me :)

    Seriously, enjoy the South Island and I am truly glad that you will get a serious ride in during the Holiday.

    Be Safe,

  9. What Lori and Geoff said.... and have fun!

  10. I am so jealous of the pics, I can't wait to see the ones you post when you get back.
    Hope you had a Merry Christmas and have a Happy New Year.