Monday, June 13, 2011

Stage one complete.

We took possession of our new house on Friday of last week.  It was very tired inside and I decided to give it a repaint and carpet before we moved in.   It is a big place and My Father, partner, sister and a few others and I worked tirelessly for a week to complete the painting.  It is finished, top to bottom.  I have even replaced all the latches on the windows, new smoke detectors and a few other bits and pieces.  Spent a bit of time also tidying up the gardens and around the pool.

These pics are where we are up to.  The carpet is due to get laid this week and we will finally move in on Saturday,  very excited , cant wait and a bit over it.  I did enjoy painting and pottering around, but now am keen to move, light the fire and have a nice glass of wine in our new home.

The Lounge

Our Kitchen

The garden outside the master bedroom

Tee pool  (roll on summer)

Family room at the end or the house also opens up on to the pool

Master bedroom.

Big french doors in the lounge, opens on to deck and pool.
So these pics are where we are up to at the moment, the carpet is due to go down tomorrow.
The color on the walls is actually a very light grey, the pics don't really show it, I love the colour it is very crisp and we can add a lot of different colours to it.  As I said to my partner, I didn't really mind what colour as long as it wasn't bage!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A very big thank you to my fantastic Dad, and Mum who is making all the new curtains and with out who's help we would of never got it all done.

Will let you know when it is finished and I will post some pics, and a date for our house warming.....I am sure some of the overseas bloggers would love a good excuse to visit NZ!

So for me I have not done much riding, but come Sunday, once we have moved, regardless of how much unpacking we still have to do I am so going for a ride.......I mean I do deserve it.


  1. I think it will make a lovely home! I like the little garden, it looks like a cozy spot to relax.

  2. I, too, like the little garden. Making a home takes energy, time, and work. Indeed, it sounds like come Sunday you will deserve to ride.

    Thanks for sharing your new home with us,

  3. I would love to come to your house warming party ;-)
    Aren't you lucky? My favourite spot would be the pool area...

  4. Excellent Roger! You replaced all the window catches.... had someone painted previously without removing them? I hate that!

    Looking good my friend - we'll come and visit when all the hard work is done, haha!

  5. AAAHHH!!! I'm so happy for you. As you know, I love the garden area off the master. Such a relaxing vista. And like Sonja, you would never be able to get me away from the pool. Congratulations!!!!


  6. Very nice! Now to make it a home.. :)

  7. Great job Roger. Congrats on the house purchase. Looks like everyone's hard work is paying off, it looks wonderful.

    I too love the little fountain garden area off the master. You will enjoy listening to it on warm summer nights.....unless the sound makes you have to get up and go to the loo. :-)

  8. Check out your pad! Thats well sweet. Barbecues by the pool? We'd need a hot tub over here! Infact, when I visited a mate of mine, who lived in Reay in Caithness, we made our own Heated pool. My mate had bought one of these big collapsible paddling pools. It was about 4 feet deep and 20 feet across. We heated it using an old central heating boiler that we ran on red diesel, vegetable oil and white spirit. It only took about 12 hours to heat the thing up.....

  9. THanks Mike, sounds like you and me would get along just fine!

  10. Congrats on the new house, I hate painting, if it's not perfect it drives me nuts, glad you had help. Pool party? how long is the damn flight? ahh, forget it, go for a ride and enjoy :-)

  11. Thanks George....just get on a plane dam it!