Saturday, July 23, 2011

Speed show, and a severe lack of blogging.

My blogging of late has been spasmodic to say the least.  Coupled with moving and a very wet, but warm winter.  I have felt I have had little to blog about.  Apart from my ride last week with Geoff which I thoroughly enjoyed, I have hardly done any riding.  Geoff covered the day so well I felt I had nothing else to add.  It was great to get out that weekend, as cabin fever had hit record levels.  Still sitting around in front of the fire, drinking wine and nibbling isn't all that bad.

This weekend I had my kids, as well as organising a dinner party for some friends.  Taylor's soccer was  cancelled for the 5th time in 7 weeks.  Although the big news on that front was her team recorded there first competition point last week, when they recorded a 1-all draw.  Man I was excited.  They way I raced up and down the field like we had just won the world cup.

I had decided to take the kids to "The Speed Show", which is nothing more than a collection or cars and bikes, some of which were exotic and other vehicle related stuff.  Our "SHOWS" in NZ are certainly nothing to get excited about.  So on Sunday morning we headed off.  I was feeling a little bit precious after the previous evenings entertaining and could of done with at least another six hours sleep and a few more disprin.  The best I got was disprin.

The show it self was OK, the kids enjoyed it, but I was disappointed with a distinct lack of bikes.  In reality I suppose a morning  wondering around bikes shops normally does the trick for me any way.  I did get to see the Latest BMW K1600, which is pretty big, but at $45000 NZ dollars a bit much for me.

Interesting to that as the NZ dollar gains against the greenback and euro, bikes should be cheaper here for us than they have ever been.  Here's hoping anyway.   In case anyone is interested a few years ago the NZ$ would buy you just 39c American, now it is 87c!  There is rumour we may be level pegging with the American dollar before Christmas, as investor's look to bail out of Euros and US dollars and look for a stronger currency.

It was still a good morning with Taylor managing to score a ride around the track in a MINI.

Here a few of the days pics.


  1. Yay Taylor! No pictures of her in the mini? And I'll take that Mercedes...

    Stop making excuses and get on with some stories! ;)

  2. Hi Rog!

    Yeah, that ride was good eh? Even better if it had been several times longer. We'll fix that soon.

    Was the Puma-engined drag bike in your photo from NZ or overseas? One of my friends from Alexandra has one of those Suzuki RE5 rotaries. A nice collection of pics and thanks for posting.

    All the very best for next weekend's ride - I expect a lengthy blog on it by the time we get back!!!

  3. lori, I will do my best . I amitching for a nice long ride.....cape reinga is calling!

    Geoff.. What no hints about where you might be? Probably some where bloody sunny...sigh.

    I am not sure where that dragster was from, but I did think of you when I saw it. I am with Lori though the Merc looked stunning. I am very much looking forward to next Sundays ride, really hoping the sun will come out for us.

  4. Roger, I can feel your pain getting cabin fever. Imagine not being able to ride for eight months like in... Alberta, where I used to live. I was crawling up the walls by the end of winter, and even by the time in May when you could get out of your cave, you still had to deal with all the gravel on the roads.
    I hope that the good weather return soon, and you can get back on the road.

  5. Winter blahs and rains. We know how that is. Hopefully you will get a day of sunshine every week for riding to keep the cabin fever at bay.

    Interesting how the dollars fluctuate. Lets hope those bike prices go down for you.

  6. Roger at least you've had a warm wet winter, we are just having a freezing cold, wet winter!

    I'm struggling to get folk to ride with me on the weekends at present. I still enjoy these winter rides - just so long as I don't depart in rain I'm OK with whatever weather I get once I'm out.

    Cheers Jules.

  7. I feel your pain, I have 3 entries to complete for my blog, just been too busy. Some nice cars and bikes there. Weird looking dragster bike, I wouldn't mind taking the Lotus/Renault F1 car for a spin :-)

  8. Jules: I am a bit the same as you, I dont mind riding in the rain, but I dont like stting off in it...nevermind summer will be here soon. Atleast we dont have snow in Aucks.

    George: I have just had nothing tha Iwould consider interesting to blog about, hopefully taht will all change soonish.