Saturday, August 27, 2011

For Nikos and Sonja!.....and the foodies amongst us.

Since we have moved into our new home I have discovered  a passion for cooking that has not been there for a few years.  Living in a rented house that was always to small, I have never been comfortable to invite people over or even get into cooking in a big way.  That has all changed and here are a few dishes I have prepared of late, as well as a couple I didn't do.........I was thinking of Nikos and Sonja and there food pics and decided I would try and compete!

Duck Breasts, with various Indian herbs.

Malabar Duck Curry


Crab Meat Linguine

It was Yummy

Tk's Chicken Dish, hot but extremely tasty, the flavours just explode in your mouth.

Marinating the chicken with all sorts of stuff.

Lamb Bryrani, The lamb is underneath the Rice and there are various layers of other stuff, all slow cooked.

Yogurt with carrots etc.
Tk is a friend of Terry's from work, he came over cooked three very authentic Indian dishes, which I have to say were superb!  The house smelled like a Indian restaurant for a day or two, but it was quite the experience to see how it was done, and the boxes of various herbs and spices he brought over.  No such things as measurements, you just through in handfuls of  the stuff!!


  1. R

    We need to have the recipes - it's just not good enough to say "....marinate wth all sorts of stuff" -:)

    There's nothing better than home cooking and people who appreciate eating!


  2. Looks delicious. I LOVE Indian food. And I can only imagine how tasty the Kiwi lamb Bryani might be. The best lamb ever I purchased from a little butcher shop on... darn cannot remember the street name, but it was not far away from the Parnell's farmers market.

    Note to self: Visit Roger when next time in New Zealand. Please email recipe to me: sonja dot mager at shaw dot ca.

  3. Nikos: KNowing what he put into it is one thing, knowing how much is completly different. He seemed to have a "wing" it policy! And there is nothingbetter than home cooking and good company.

    Sonja: Will do. I must say i was delicious that is for sure.

    mq01 : Thanks it was.

  4. I disagree with Sonja. Don't send the recipe. Pay it forward and come over here and cook it in my kitchen. ;)

    Looks delicious and glad you had good evenings.

  5. Rog:
    Good job we're due to eat shortly or I'd be diving into the fridge - it all looks sensational!

    Ahem.... about time a lunch invitation was extended :-). We'll do the same for you and Terry with some outrageous snapper dish as soon as they start lining up to be caught again!

    I for one, am over the moon to be in the same country as you, haha!

  6. C'mon Rog, we need some recipes. You give me your duck and I'll give you my kick ass on the bone lamb curry recipe.

  7. That crab linguine looks so tasty!!!!