Tuesday, August 16, 2011

It Snowed in Auckland!!!!

All right no smart remarks from you  northern types!!

It snowed in Auckland for the first time in 80......yes that is 80 years.  OK I admit it was not much, and it seemed to disappear as quickly as it fell.  But for us Aucklanders it was quite the buzz of the day on Monday.  The southerly blast that came up from Antarctica was brutal and covered most of the south and some of the North Island in snow.  If the is one thing us Aucklanders don't like it is a cold latte.

Of course you hard nose Pommies, Scotsman, Canadians, and North Americans will just laugh at all this, but it is very very very very unusual for snow to come to these here parts.  I mean the Temp got down to 3degress.  (37f).  Any way I am off to put on my electric blanket, light the fire, and watch a replay of the moto GP, oh I might pour myself a double malt whiskey as well, that will warm me up.


  1. I can imagine what a big deal the snow was! I've been blessed to be with a number of folks from other parts of the world when they first encounter snow. It is magical. Add to it happening where it is unexpected and it must be wondrous . . . even if slushy.

  2. Sorry, you aren't getting off without any smart remarks. Circle Blue was very nice and understanding...

    Were the roads slippery? Did they call in a national snow day for school? Where there more than the usual number of accidents during the morning commute? Or did they just shut the country down?? hehehe Georgia has been known to do a couple of those things for less snow than what you saw.

    But I am glad that you were able to enjoy a few minutes of childlike magic!!


  3. We are not laughing..... much.... honestly....

    Seriously, 80 years is a long time, so I am not surprised it caused a stir.

  4. Down to 3 degrees!! Man, you'll need to buy a hat and scarf! Did the country shut down? As soon as it snows a bit down here the media like to start national panic, down in England, especially London think the word is ending!

  5. Brrrr. First snow in 80 years. Wow. I can see how that would be a huge deal. Sure wish it had been 80 years here. I can do without snow.

    We don't get a huge amount in Corvallis. If we get a dusting they close schools. How odd since growing up in Canada we could have 6 feet of snow and schools would be open.

    Glad you are able to snuggle up by the fire to get warm. It will be spring before you know it.

  6. Roger me ol' mate! No snow in sub-tropical Coromandel (hehe) but the temperatures aren't much different. Even a slight touch of frost on roofs this morning.

    Being an ex-Pom, I've had enough snow to last me a lifetime and don't even go up to the mountains to see it these days!

  7. I heard about the snow in NZ last night and wonder who all got a dusting. Didn't know it had been 80 years for Auckland. What a surprise! Stay warm!! :)

  8. A whole generation without snow? I could easily go without the white stuff all year round. A few more weeks to go, then you have your summer back.

  9. Right you lot, (Gary, Lori, Mike) I noticed a few smart arsed comments from some northern types, just remember we will be in our sumer soon enough and you will be ploughing snow from the door step, if it can snow in Auckland you guys are in for one hell of a winter.

    Keith, Kari, Geoff ,Sonja, Trobaritz Thanks for you thoughful and understanding comments. I shall remebr that you were nice to me.....hehehe.