Saturday, September 10, 2011

Fathers day ride and prizes!

So last Sunday was Fathers day, old news I know, but not for being frantic at work this week I may have been able to write about it earlier.

I was given the delicacy of toast, baked beans and coffee.........with a slash of ham on the side.   All made with love and appreciation, which is all i can ask for.

Nathan had a friend over, so that breakfast was where fathers day started an ended for him, still Taylor was keen to go for a ride, and she even mentioned a  "long ride", dangerous words indeed.

SO with Nathan off to his mates place, my partner working, Taylor and I headed north, stopping at the chocolate factory for a very yummy brunch.......(forgot photos sorry).  WE carried on north after that and took the scenic ride through Wellsford, SH 16 to Helensville, and eventually home.  we were away for about 6 hours, and Taylor didn't seem to mind in the slightest.  I think I may be turning her into a biker yet.  A few years ago anything longer than 20 Min's was considered a long trip.

It was great  to get out for a ride on what was a nice day with my daughter.  She seems to be growing up so fast that the time will come when she will be far to busy to come with me any more.

Soccer season has finally ended.  Taylor's team finished second from the bottom, but it was a great journey along the way.  Yesterday was the Girls 13th Grade prize giving.   Taylor won "Most Valuable player", I thought I should of won most "vocal sideline commentator" and supporter award, but it was not to be.
Proud Dad

Most improved, Most Valuable, and Sportsmanship award, The three winners from Taylor's team.

Still very proud of my girl, first season of football and she won a ward.

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  1. Nothing like being spoiled on Father's day mate - well done. Also wonderful to hear about Taylor's award - not surprised given her recent stellar performances! You must be incredibly proud of your kids.

    Great that you could get out for a cruisy ride and forget about an IAM observer with his eye on you for once! I have a check ride on Monday if the weather doesn't throw a spanner in the works.

  2. Roger,
    My "little girl" turned 30 this year. Amazing. Yes, do enjoy these times. I know it is a cliche, but they do pass by too quickly.

    What a wonderful experience for your daughter being on this team. It was remarkable to me how much the whole team improved as the year went on. I suspect no one in the league would have been pleased to face them in the final weeks. It appeared to be a true transformation story.

    Thanks for share.

  3. HI Geoff, Yeo it was special, always is. I am very very proud of my little girl. The soccer has been great for her. Good luck with the ride, hopefully I will get another chance soon.

  4. Keith; There are times when I feel sad as my son and daughter grow up. Still it is exciting seeing them change and make there own way in this world. No one was surprised as much as me as the team improved over the year, it really was amazing. Lots of good memories from it that is for sure. I am glad you enjoyed the journey with me.

  5. Very nice! You and your daughter are lucky to have this time together!

  6. Congratulations to Taylor!! She is going to be a powerhouse next year, with this year and experience under her belt.

    Since she seems to be enjoying more rides...maybe the day will come in a couple years when she starts to ride her own two wheeler... :) I'm just saying. LOL

  7. Congrats to your bairn!

    You'll need to get a tent strapped to the back of the Trumpet and get them away on a camping trip!

  8. Sounds like a great time and Taylor definitely sounds like a motorcycle enthusiast in the making. Just wait until she tells you she wants a bike for graduation present.

    Congrats to Taylor on her prize too.

  9. Ken.....Indeed we are!

    Mike.....camping.....sough cough cough....., I am sure they would like it, I prefere a comfy bed, cold bed and hot shower! But I will bear it in mind for the furture.

    trobaritz: Thanks. I was stoked with her win, as you would expect. God I hope she never wants to get a bike I wont sleep a wink!

  10. She may be growing up quickly but probably won't soon outgrow the treasured memories you're helping create.