Tuesday, October 11, 2011

and so it goes.......

So the conversation went some thing like this......

Terry:  What's that?

Me:  A box

T: What's in it?

Me: Nothing..

T: It can't be nothing.

Me:  Umm....just ummm...some....ummm...bits for the bike.

T: What bits?

Me: Little bits.

T: It is a big bloody box for little bits!

Me: They are well wrapped.

T: Where is it from?

Me: Umm.....Germany I think.

T: You think?.....or is there some thing you not telling me?

Me: okay okay...it is a big box from Germany with some bits, some of which may be big, for the bike.

T: How much?

Me: Cheap.

T: That is not the answer I was looking for.

Me: Cheaper than BMW New Zealand......

T: Still not the answer I was looking for!

Me: I think I will take you shopping for a new pair of shoes...

T: How many pairs?

Me: One.

T: Think again...

Me: Two...

T: and lunch......

Me: OK.

T: Don't make any plans for Saturday....

Me: Well I was going to fit the new........

T: Think again,

Me:  Sure Saturday is good by me.


  1. Hahahaha - and that sort of conversation goes on in every bike household throughout the world!

    Brilliant mate....

  2. Roger:

    I have boxes of "nothing" too, but I keep them out of sight. (wonder how much those shoes cost?) at least you get to eat Half of the lunch

    Riding the Wet Coast

  3. Very good. I liked your solution. Steer her clear of Jimmy Choo shoes, as they cost as much as a BMW.

  4. Roger, that's a great one!
    @Geoff: Actually, my husband doesn't want shoes... his currency in exchange for motorcycle bits is electronic gadgets...

  5. Touratech parts? Have you ordered a nice loud rippy pipe for the GS?

  6. And so the lies and deception begin. Cuz they are bigger lies for BMW parts. hehe

    And have the bloody boxes shipped to work where Terry can't see them! :)

  7. Yep, I recognize this conversation/interrogation. Oh well, it can't be helped can it? :)

  8. So when you add the price of two pairs of shoes and lunch would the bike bits have been cheaper at BMW New Zealand?

    Mind you, you wouldn't have a day out shopping with Terry. Maybe this makes it win win.

  9. Don't be a heel, buy Terry three pairs! :)

  10. Geoff; I knew you would understand mate.

    Bobscoot: Half a lunch! Have you seen how much I can eat?!

    Gary: Jimmy Choo.....is not being included in the conversation.

    Sonja: Thanks hon.

    Keith: we live and learn!
    Mike: Dont be silly....I have blown the limit on the credit card!

    Lori: All ready organised.

    Trobaritz: Even a expensive lunch and two pairs of shoes is still cheaper than buyig from BMW NZ.

    Ken: Very dry......stop it!

  11. Dear Sir:

    Next time, try handing it this way:

    T: What's in the box?
    Me: Extremely short-tempered, poisonous snakes.

    End of conversation.

    Fondest regards,
    Twisted Roads

  12. I think you were channeling me...

  13. Count yourself lucky, in our houuse hold I want the best bike gear and the best shoes - double whammy.
    My patient hubbie watches the bike funds vanish on gear, locally and from overseas - his & mine. I love getting accessories and bits that are not avaliable here to customise our bikes.. We have a seperate account just for bikes & bits - its scary how much vanishes from the account.