Thursday, July 12, 2012

Adventure Riding Techniques - A Review.

When I first got into some adventure riding I went in search of good books that would help.

Being predominantly a road rider and having never ventured far off the seal I felt it was important to at least get some bloody idea on how to ride an adventure bike.  I had of course the GS by this stage so I had done some gravel roads, but stuff like sand, thick gravel, water crossing etc I had no idea.  Where as when I am on the road  bike it is settled and planted and feels secure , when it comes to the off road riding and the like it was fairly unnerving and took a bit to get used to the bike moving all over the place.   The need to keep the throttle on to drive through what ever stuff  I was attacking at the time became apparent quickly.  I soon discovered there was a whole lot I didn't know....but then I love a challenge.  I must admit I envy those riders who have learnt riding on dirt, I think those skills carry easily over onto road riding, but road riding skills don't necessarily  carry over on to the dirt.

 There is really not a lot on the market, but one book that I did find and purchased I have found to be very good value for money.

ADVENTURE RIDING TECHNIQUES by Robert Wicks and Greg Baker, covers a whole range of topics and techniques to help you deal with different terrains and situations you find your self in when off road.  You do need to get past it's obvious biased for one  "make" of adventure bike in particular.  But that does not deter from what is an excellent read.

There are some great pics and step by step pictorials as you go through the different styles and techniques required for any off road adventure.  From adventure bike basics, to sand and river crossing it is well thought out and easy to read.

My only gripe would be it's size (hardback A4) is  not some thing you can take with and use while practicing in the field.  Still I am being picky, and for a beginner I found the book most helpful.  Compared to what other limited options are available it is brilliant.

I brought the book online from AMAZON and it arrived in just a few days, as far as I am aware it is not available in digital version.

My rating  4/5


  1. Thanks for the resource. It is good to have books to read when I can't ride, which is thankfully not very often. Still, it does happen. I'm not particularly drawn to off-road stuff, yet construction and the like sometimes brings the off-road to me like it or not. Growing up on gravel roads helps, but not much. Reading about it I'm sure will help, but not much either.

  2. The book looks like a great resource Roger.

    One day I hope to get into more off road riding. I've threatened to put knobbies on Max but don't think he'd handle that well. Although it might be like a 'franken-strom"