Sunday, March 13, 2011

Nearly Got there.

I headed off on Friday and decided that Taupo would be my destination for Friday night, from there I had plans to head further south , drop my gear at a mates place in Fielding then continue through to Castle Point out on the coast. 

I had a nice cruisey ride to Taupo on Friday night getting into the motel about eight.  Even though I only went down SHW1 it was still enjoyable, but one must keep alert as revenue gathers lurk behind trees and all sorts.  My detector saved on me on two occasions.  It is a pain really, as there was very little traffic and the bike was just singing along.  I travelled it at a brisk pace, but still needed to watch the speed. There is something to be said for riding in the evening, it's cooler and after a week of work it is relaxing, the worriesof the week disappear as you round each corner.The memory of a stressfull week left behind as the kilometers mount.

Once arriving in Taupo I was greeted to the news of the earth quake in Japan.  The footage was unbelievable as many as you would have seen.  My heart goes out to those people and I am sure it is going to be a tragically high death toll. 

Sun rise Taupo

On Saturday morning I awoke to another stunning day, and continued my journey south, passing through Turangi then stopping at Waiouru for some brekki.  The central plateau was indeed cold and I hadn't been prepared for such a drop in temperatures.  I went out to the bike after breakfast and noticed it was sitting rather low to the ground......the back tyre was flat!  I have a puncture repair kit on the bike and once I located the stone that had caused the damaged I went about fixing the problem.  Using the "Dog Turd" method which is rather crude but very effective.  I put the last CO2 canister in the tyre and took the bike over to the gas station  to top up the air further. 

I decided it was not prudent to continue travelling south, I had no more canisters with me, and even though I was confident that the repair would last I decided that it was better for me to head back to Auckland and get the tyre fixed properly.

I left Waiouru and went through national park, Ohakune , then Taumarnui , Te Kuiti then home.  Even riding at a reduced speed I had a great and enjoyable ride.  I got back into Auckland about three,  and in my short, but interesting 24 hours I had covered 850kms.  These are just fantastic roads to ride, lovely sweeping corners and little traffic.  You also get wonderful view of the mountains. 

This is the fourth time I have had to use the puncture repair kit, twice for myself, and twice for other stranded bikers.  They are a very handy thing to carry on New Zealands bumpy and sometimes crappy roads.

Unfortunatly I didnt stop and take many photos, just a couple as I left Taupo as the sun was rising. 

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  1. Wow, wonder if we saw you on the road? You took the same route home that we were taking in the other direction...

    Puncture repair kits should be in everyone's kit. My 12v compressor is also very handy...

  2. Actually Andrew was thinking the same thing, I saw quite a few bikes out of Taumarnui, a lot heading south, You did the very run in places that i was planing todo, or did do.

  3. Roger that looks like a great run. It's 25 years since I was last in NZ and it is one of the very few trips that I was genuinely reluctant to come home from!

    I've had a near new tyre plugged professionally from the inside with a mushroom plug and it gave no problems at all, even in extreme heat conditions.

    I carry a puncture kit hoping not to need it, but none of the 'fellas I ride with ever carry them, even on loner holiday runs.

  4. Really glad the flat was noticed while stopped and didn't occur in the twisties! I have the compressor...need the dog turd kit. Don't think any random old one off the side of the road will do. ;)

    The Taupo sunrise was gorgeous!

    Sorry the weekend was cut short. Was shaping up to be a beaut. But better safe.


  5. Jules, It is time you came back! You would enjoy yourself immensly over here. Wouldn't go any where with out my repair kit now, it has been a godsend. When I first brought it I thought I would never use it, glad I got it now.

    Lori: Better safe than sorry is exactly what I was thinking. I was lucky with the sunset, came out side at just the right time.

  6. I'm glad too Roger that the flat was noticed while parked. I found a screw in my rear tire one night after riding all day. I think Someone is watching out for us! Nice trip, thanks for sharing!

  7. Dog turd kit? please elaborate and I bet it won't work with tubed tyres!

  8. Nikos; You are correct the "dog turd" repair does not work on tube tires. I will take some pics and put them up for you so you can see.

  9. Mike; Perhaps you are right, some one must be watching out. It is such a pain though, but I was glad I could at least fix it and carry on.

  10. My tire kit has saved me a couple of times, but I am never able to relax on a patched tire. Mental thing.

    Nice trip, bummer it was cut short.