Friday, August 9, 2013

A view point.

I tend to keep my social commentary and personal points of view on sensitive topic to myself.

But a few days ago I found this open letter to the IOC penned by Stephen Fry.  It is well written and I think it is true.

I found it touched a relevant nerve.

There is an element of truth to what he says.

You can read his brilliant article here..Stephen Fry

I hope he does not mind me posting it!

Personally though,  the only effect a boycott would have, would be to punish the athletes who have worked so hard to get there.  

It is ironic when I think back to the Moscow boycott of 1980.....initiated by the USA opposing the Soviet  invasion of Afghanistan...

Overall, as much as I agreee with his thoughts, I would rather see sports and politcis not mixing.

Feel freee to voice an opinion..


  1. Have to agree mate, not only for discrimination against gays but for the fact that tyrants discriminate against any minorities because it deflects attention from the real problems and minorities are rarely able to fight back.

  2. I have to agree with Mr Fry, I do think that politics and the Olympics goes hand in hand. The Olympics is such a world stage for any country and it's politians have always used it for many different things not least making money. Personally I stopped liking the Olympics for just this reason a few years ago.

    He makes some very valid points and it's a good letter which you would hope was taken on board by IOC, but I doubt it will which is a shame.

    Thanks for pointing it out Roger and also thanks for showing me Stephen Fry's website. He's someone I admire and I never thought that he would have a website for me pour over.

  3. Poignant article. I would like to agree that sports and politics don't mix. (Like church and government...) I don't want the athletes "punished" by a ban. But he isn't asking for a ban. He is asking for a change of venue. Move the games and revel in the celebration, while thumbing their noses at Russia, not receiving the attention, the income, but getting the eye of the world placed on them for human atrocities. There is something to be said for that. Would giving Russia a "time out" and a mirror really fix the issue though? Maybe going and standing strong might help the people of the country more, to stand up to the nonsense. I just don't want to see the athletes physically or emotionally hurt by some radical group that takes some crime out against them.

  4. What Geoff said. I also read somewhere that people shouldn't boycott the Olmypics, but the Olympic committee can ban Russia from participating. Of course that doesn't punish the powers that be, just the Russian athletes.

    Why can't we all just get along?. I don't give a crap who you love or what color your skin is. We are all human dammit!!