Friday, October 1, 2010

Doing the Dishes.

For some strange and peculiar reason, our dish washer stopped working.

In it self not a major.  

Although I am not keen on dishes!

I am part time dad, I only have my kids 5 days a fortnight.  So it was convenient that when the dish washer broke down, the kids were around.  You see this is the reason I had kids, to make my life easier as I get older.  Safe to say though, hasn't really worked out that way.  

So last night I said to Nathan to come and dry the dishes.

And the strangest thing happened...........

We talked, and talked during the entire session.  Now don't get me wrong, I do talk to my kids a lot, I take them for rides on the bike, walks, sit in there rooms and yak.  But it was so good to do something different.

If your kids are like mine it is a constant battle to keep them off the PlayStation, computers, and all the other things they have to keep themselves entertained.  Some times days will pass and I realise I haven't really talked to my kids.  I have been with them, but have I really spent time with them.

The world we live in is a very frantic place, so many things to make our lives easier, yet we seem busier more than ever.  My kids seem to be growing up very fast all of a sudden.  Any  time that I get to spend with them on a one on one basis,  I realise I must treasure. The time will come when I wont be the coolest dad in the world, when my jokes wont be funny, when they don't wont to hang out with me any more.
 When my motorbike is not cool.

Sometimes you just need to stop.  Enjoy the moment, because sooner rather than later it will be to late and they will have moved on.   Years ago I was told the best thing you can spend on your kids is time,  it rings truer now than every before.

So for you parents on here with kids, enjoy the time, and make the time.  Because soon there will be no more time left.


  1. Nice words... I can't get mine to do the dishes, talking well that happens, but then often I get "Mum why are you so serious all of a sudden," I must spend to much time being a cool crazy mother, and not enough talking about serious stuff... erm lol

  2. Sometimes it is fine line between being there Dad and being there friend!