Saturday, October 2, 2010

Review Shark S 900 Full face Helmet.

I Have now for some required a new helmet.

I have always previously had Shoei and Arai helmets. They are of course excellent helmets. Although depending on model can be a bit expensive.  Like most motorcyclist I tend to have a loyalty to my present brand

My present Arai has seen better days, even though it is only 4 years old, it is well used, the padding is coming away and I needed to get a new visor as the old one was pretty scratched.

So I decided I would start looking for a new one.  I decided I would be open minded about the process, and not make a predetermined idea of what to get.  Be prepared to try different ones etc, and to step out of what I am comfortable with.

I went through the normal process of a couple of Arais, but the price was excessive, and although they are good helmets I think you are paying a bit of a premium for the name, same can be said for Shoei. Although the helmets I tried did not seem to fit well, and exposed my chin.   As a general rule I fit some where between a medium and a larger, some medium helmets feel to small and some larger ones seem to big.  Getting the right fit is important as we well know.

It was during one of these trips of looking for helmets I cam across the Shark range, I do not know much about these, but a couple of friends have them and are very pleased with them.

I tried on the S900 model, and took it instant like to it.

It was comfortable fitted perfectly and was impressed with the features that it possessed. The flip down inside visor that is built in , takes away the need for a different tint visor.  If the sun comes out you simply flick the switch located at the top left of the helmet and you instantly have a tinted visor.

                                               Notice the internal tinted screen

They are plenty of ventilation holes that are easily accessible.  It has excellent graphics.  It weighs on average 1490 grams.  Which is on par to my present helmet.

The padding removes easily  for washing if required.

The replacement of the visor if required, is as easy as it gets. In fact I would struggle to find a better system

It is a lot quieter than my present Arai, but after about 120km/per hour it does increase markedly.

This helmet cost me $429 NZ dollars, which I consider excellent value for money.

Overall I am very impressed with the helmet , it has features which many helmets twice the price do not have . So I give it 8/10.  I would have no hesitation in recommending this helmet to other riders. And for only a couple of hundred dollars dear than the cheaper ones on the market , I would say it is well worth the extra cost.

Here are the specs.

Shark S 900 Full Face Motorcycle Street Helmet

» Shell made from injected thermoplastic resin
» Multi-element, internal shock-absorber with differentiated density
» Airflow directed by integrated ducts
» External anti-UV lacquer finish
» Dual-treated (anti-scratch/anti-fog) "Total Vision" 2.2mm visor
» Sun shield, anti-scratch and UV protection
» Slide Lock quick-release visor fastening system
» Adjustable lower air intakes
» Rear air extractors Venturi effect
» Air turbulence system, by integrated spoiler
» Comfort padding morphometric optimized removable and washable
» Hydrostatic and bacteriophobic treated interiors
» Double D-Ring chin strap
» 5 year manufacturer's warranty
» Meets or exceeds ECE 22-05 and DOT standards.


  1. Love the idea of a sun visor which can be flipped up or down - perfect for day and night riding. Thanks for that and will investigate when it's time to replace the Shoei.

  2. Only time will tell Geoff if it is practical and long lasting. But in the short term I am impressed.

  3. Hi Rog,
    I too am in the market for a new helmet and thanks to your comments I will investigate the Shark brand.
    I have had a BMW helmet for well over 5 years and it has seen better days.
    Cheers Mate.
    Are you going to the raid and do you still have the plate my955?

  4. No I sold that plate a while ago, I wanted to go to the raid but I hav emy kids that weekend so nogo. Bit of a bummer really they always seem to fall on the weekend I have my kids.
    Hope you are well regards.

  5. nice Helmet I need same helmet for dirt bike riding.

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