Saturday, February 5, 2011

Classic Bike Weekend, Pukekohe.

I headed off to Pukekohe on Sunday to catch a bit of the classic bike racing being held in Pukekohe.  So with three kids in toe, a pile of sunblock, camera,and several waterbottles we headed off.  It was an overcast and humid day, with the tempertures in the high 20's.

I was suprised as to how busy it was, and you have got to love the sound and smell of those old bikes racing around the track.  There was a great feeling  at the track, and the kids seemed to keep themselves busy, doing what , I am not sure!

It was a great privilage to finally meet Geoff James,  and I throughly enjoyed the short time we chatted and admired the bikes.  Geoff has been a great joy to read and his blogs are full of wisdom, humour,  and good ol'e common sense.  As always Geoffs enthusiasm for bikes is contagious.   I am sure Geoff will post a great blog about it, so I am just going to post a few pics.  I will say how amazed I was at some of the excellent restored bikes, and the old classics that were racing.  I truly didn't relise New Zealand had such a thriving classic bike industry.

I had a great day out, enjoyed the racing, (gotta love those side cars) had a good wander around and throughly enjoyed looking at all the old bikes, and there were some real classics.

The kids even enjoyed themselves, they also seemed some what fascinated by the side cars.  My daughter did mention that it would be fun to hang off the side like that, and that her and I should give it a go.......don't think I will get that one past her mother some how!


  1. Lovely, Roger. Thanks to you my keyboard is now suffering from serious side effects of drooling. My favourite is (this won't come to anyone's surprise) the B/W pic of the Triumph Trident.

  2. Great photos. I suspect you're correct about the poor odds of a daughter and father racing team :) But, cool that your daughter brought it up.

  3. Wait a minute, that side car is on the wrong side! Not something you'd want to ride in as a passenger over here. "Um dad, you were a little close to that last car!"

  4. Great pictures. I'm with Sonja, love the B&W picture of the Triumph.

    It would be amazing to see the vintage racing. We have an All British Field Meet at Portland International Raceway every year that has vintage and classic car racing, but I don't think they race the bikes.

    Thanks again for sharing.

  5. Great post Roger. As well as the privilege of meeting you at last (we will most definitely spend longer gasbagging!, I'm amazed how many bikes you photographed which I missed entirely! Guess that's because they were there in their thousands. Will stick up a heap of photos once I've had some lunch!

  6. Sonja That TRident was indeed special, was one of my favourites also. It was gorgeous.

    Keith, My Daughter is never short of suggestions, and has a very adventerous spirit. the side car is not on the wrong side, because you are looking at it from the northern Hemishere, you are looking at it upside down!! lol...

    Troubaritz, I dint think I would enjoy it as much as I did. It is well worth getting a long to one of these type of meets.

    Geoff....The privilage of meeting was all mine. I was very camera happy, every where I looked was another great bike. I was in Triumph heaven...

  7. Great photos Roger! It looks like a good time was had by all. NZ has some serious vintage iron!

  8. HI MIke, I must admit I was very surprised at all the old stuff, I didn't relise we had so much!

  9. Awesome bike photos. Gotta love those classics! And how fun to see them racing. I've never seen motorcycle racing, be it classic or otherwise, but would like to someday.

  10. +1 with everyone else. Great pictures and it looked like a great time.

    And your daughter sounds great!


  11. NZ certainly seems to have a thriving classic culture. It's great that there are events like this with such great access to the bikes and there owners. In Oz classic motorcycles mainly seem to be owned by motorcycle enthusiasts and are used, raced and demonstrated at events like this. However, I fear that a time is fast approaching where they become 'commodities' to investors - just like Grange Hermitage and Aussie muscle cars like GTHO Falcons have become. Unfortunately these 'commodities' then tend to disappear from use and public access.

    Great pics, keep 'em coming!

    Cheers Jules.

  12. Jules...very true comments you have made there. I hope for he sake of everyone that the real classic bikes never become un acessiable. Thanks for your comment.