Saturday, February 26, 2011

A Ride and some bling.....I mean Farkle!

So the weekend finally rolled around, it had indeed been a long one, especially for the people of Christchurch.   Every kiwi seemed to offer support and the country is pulling together.  It is hard being in Auckland, and really wanting to help.  I ended up offering my house for accommodation to Christchurch residents wanted to escape, nothing has come it so far but it felt good to do something.  The kids donated their pocket money, and together we all went to the bank to put it in.  If you feel you wish to donate  please click on the link...Donate, It all helps.  Sadly I have heard that one  of the sales reps of a client in Christchurch was killed.

The R.A.T. (Riders Association of Triumph) raid which was planned for Christchurch this weekend was cancelled.  The Wellington RATS organised a ride around the East Cape, to make up for it. It was decided that The Auckland lot would join them in Whakatane.  I decided to tag along as I had no plans for the weekend.  In the end it was only Dave, his wife Lynn and myself.

We had a great ride down through Morrinsville, Cambridge, covering every back road in the Waikato region.. Eventually we ended up in Tirau, which is where we stopped for lunch.  It was decided to head towards Rotorua, then south towards Taupo, before turning off and going through Murapara.  The road to Murapara is pretty straight, and I wondered what I had done, but all is not lost as soon after Murapapa. it becomes a great motorcycling road, with fast sweeping corners and good seal.  A lot of fun.

Passing over the dam at Matahina, It is impressive, and takes you completely by surprise.  We arrived at our destination just after four.  The Welly RATS didn't arrive till after six, but it was good to meet them and we all went out for dinner and a few drinks.  It was a rather subdued night, which is most unusual with the Rat's, but the Christchurch quake has taken its toll on people.

In the morning I left and head towards home, coming pass the Rotorua lakes and a few back roads back to Auckland. 

I fitted a rear hugger to the bike on Friday night, as I was eager to protect the new shock that had been put in last November.  Besides I felt inspired by Steel Cupcake, so had no choice.   I don't think mine looks as flash as Lori's......, but then I had done a 700km weekend with it so it might be a bit grubby!

It had been good to great a way, feel the wind in my face, and to count my blessings.  Biking sure has a way of relaxing you and letting the stress fade away.   Some times it sounded like the triple engine was just singing!  Just had the bike over a year and have completed  18000 Km's.  I don't commute on it so most of that mileage is all touring.  The bike now has 32000kms on the speedo.

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  1. It's funny how that works... a nice long ride can certainly be good medicine for a lot of what ails us.

    It's terribly sad to see the devastation Christchurch and her people sustained, but sending donations and relief support is something we can do to help from around the globe. I've received two emails from two different organizations I regularly help, and they are already gathering funds to send to New Zealand.

    I know the feeling of not being able to do enough to feel helpful, but I'm sure your home will be a comforting refuge for someone needing a place to stay.

    Glad you got out for a ride... hubby and I enjoyed a little over 200 miles of southern sunshine yesterday. It was soooooo nice!

    Keeping your countrymen in our thoughts and prayers... ride on.

  2. What a lovely weekend. I was quite surprised that the halo/sun rays weren't directly over the bike in the picture at the dam. ;)

    Fabulous farklization! I think it looks extraordinarily flashy...all carbon fibre has to. It is the law! But yes, that bike is dirty!

    Glad the weekend lifted the spirit and a little of the stress of the last week. Road, wind, bikes and friends can do that. :)

    -Lori/Steel Cupcake

  3. Glad you were able to get out and ride. Riding certainly does a lot of mental and emotional recalibration for me. Sounds it does so for you as well.

    I suspect gatherings will be subdued for a while.


  4. Glad you got out and had some fun. It is awful what has happend in Christchurch, but there isn't much we can do to fight Mother Nature when she is angry. The rubble will slowly be cleaned up, but I hope the people and hearts will be quick to heal.

    Great bling, I mean farkle. Farkles are always good.

  5. Lady Ridesalot: THank you for you support and kind words they are indeed appreciated. Yep there is certainly no beating a ride to ease the mind and help forget the week. Glad you got our to, summer is on the way for you!

  6. Lori; The sun always shines on the sprint! The bling just makes it more so. Riding does have a way of lifting the spirit that is for sure.

  7. Keith; Thanks for your comment. THe whole of NZ seems subdued, yet there is a real spirit of togetherness, we will get through this disaster and we will rebuild CHCH. thanks.

  8. Trobaritz; WE could all do with some of your lovely cooking about now, but you are right, the hearts will heal, but it will take time.

  9. Nice farkle Roger and the route you took is a fantastic one. Your remarks are parallel with our own thoughts about Christchurch. Jennie and I went fishing the day after the disaster and both of us sat out on the water feeling guilty and impotent. Those feelings seem to be mirrored throughout the country, even though most people have donated. It's that feeling of wanting to actually be there to help out.

    It's a bit long but I was moved beyond words by something I saw in an English newspaper:

    "I have no doubt that the people of Christchurch will prove stronger than the bricks and mortar which the earthquake has destroyed but if ever there were a time for the British Government to make a grand gesture then it is now. The people of New Zealand stood with Britain in our darkest hours in 1914 and 1939 and we should have been the first to offer aid in response to this tragedy. There should be a plane load of rescue specialists with appropriate equipment already on its way, followed by a significant support effort to help rebuild.
    If David Cameron actually had the balls to commit himself to helping our brothers now in a really significant way then I might even pledge to vote for him. I won’t be holding my breath but perhaps we could remind him that Sir Keith Park, who probably did more than any other individual to protect London from the aerial onslaught in World War II was a New Zealander. There is a debt of honour to be repaid here and it’s about time our government recognised it."

  10. Geoff; Those are indeed moving words. I think it is important that Chgristschurc and it's people do not get forgotten in the months that follow, they will need our support for a long time yet.

    I was the same felt a bit guilty out riding considering what is going on.

  11. It's sad to see what happened but NZ's are strong and will pull together fast. You taught your kids well :-) It's nice when they give at a young age, my daughter collected money to help the animals during Katrina and was featured on a local paper, she felt so good about it.
    Nice farkle but please, needs a little polish ;-)

  12. Hi Roger,
    I'm glad you were able to get out for a ride. It's very cathartic.

    Per the farkles - Everyone is getting a hugger. Am I missing out? I want a hugger too! :)
    Looks good!

  13. George; Thanks for your thoughts, and yes the bike will sparkling by this weekend.

    Bluecat: Cathartic...I had to look that word up! You have got to get some farkle, it's all the rage!

  14. The hugger looks great Roger, glad you got out - that is the best therapy!!

  15. Ken; Thanks mate. Been meaning to do the hugger for some times so gald I finally got around to it. And riding is the BEST therapy!

  16. First of all, sorry for my bad english... could someone explain me what "farkle" means ? :\

    Roger, glad you had good time and photos are great. Bring some more beautiful photos of New Zealand! :)

    It was so nice of you offering your house for accommodation.
    I wish I could do something to help. I have some friends in Christchurch, luckily they are all right!

  17. Motocraze; "farkle"is flashy bits or bling, where are u? Glad your friends are ok.

    Christchurch is still a mess and had another after shock last night. If you look at some of my older blogs you will see lots of photos from New Zealand.