Wednesday, November 9, 2011

7 Bikes= 7days.

So rising to Trobaritz challenge here are the seven bikes I would have in the garage if I could.

Ducati 1198 SP-Monday

Why? Cause on Monday you need a lift, and well this works for me.  Those classic Italian lines are hard to ignore.

Moto Guzzi 1200 Griso-Tuesday.

If I was gonna have a cruiser this would be it.  Just has that aggressive street style that I like, plenty of grunt, once again the Italians do it for me

Ducati Street Fighter 1198-Wednesday

Sorry Ducati again, but I just love the aggressive and gnarly attitude this bike presents.  It is naked and I like that.  I could spend hours looking at it.

BMW Gs 650 G- Thursday.

Whats not to love about this you have probably all read my reviews.  At least this one is in my garage.   Great mid week bike for a feed of fish and Chips off some deserted back road.  Just a lot of fun.

Triumph St 1050- Friday.

Well it would be miss of me not to have the ole girl in here some where.  I have come to love this bike, it's torque, its comfort , it's sound, Upgraded suspension and it is now the perfect bike....of course if I could afford one then the GT would be here tomorrow....sigh.  I have done a lot of miles on this baby, kind of feel like I was being unfaithful if I didn't add her.

BMW 1600K- Saturday

Strange but True, perfect for long mile eating Saturdays.  Still not sure how it would go on NZ roads, but hey it sure as hell looks comfy.

Vespa- PINK!- Sunday

Some times you just have to break out of that conservative mould, I have been threatening to buy a Vespa ever since Sonja got one.........reality is I don't think it would ever get used.  Still it will look great next to the Ducatis.

Of course I would need one of these......


  1. I approve of the twins! Not sure about that 6 though - a decent 4 would be more like it!

  2. Awesome Rog - you're a real Europhile!!! Hasn't this been fun????

  3. A vespa??? No danger! No patch on the mighty C90!

  4. Thanks for playing along Roger. Well, it was your idea to make it a challenge.....

    I like the lines of the Moto Guzzi Griso, but that Pink Vespa is rockin'. I am not a huge fan of pink, but what's not to love about a plaid seat and accents!!

  5. Roger, you really have a soft spot for Italian ladies, eh? Love the pink Vespa. Talk about thinking outside the box. Well done!

  6. Nice lineup, but for me I'd ride Italian twins all week long...

  7. Muscle bikes all the week then kapow! Sundays and the Vespa are for fun! Geoff makes an interesting point - that they are all European. Wouldn't it be fun to HAVE to build a bigger garage.

  8. Andrew
    Gald some thing meets your approval, mind you I am just dreaming.

    Yes Didnt relise to nearing the end , but you are right i love european bikes.

    It was a good idea! It has been fun. and I love the pink Vespa!

    Thinking outside the box....well I try. But it is the truth would love a pink one!

    I love the sounds of twins, never owned one but one day I will.

    Some one mention a bigger garage.......I am all for that.

  9. that pink/burberry plaid rocks! LOL! i luv that vespa!

  10. I do like Thursday child, but with one exception the other ones are a bit to fast for my blood. The exception? Oy vay! the seat covers on the pink Vespa. I'm secure enough to handle the pink, but the brown shelf paper seat covers and trim highlight would be worse than discovering I'd made it into work wearing brown shoes and a black belt.


  11. I like your wednesday selection. I've never seen this street fighter duke before. I looks really good.

  12. mq01: I like that one, dint even know they came in pink.

    Keith: Come on you know you want is the new black!

    Chilletek" Yep wednesday is my favourite I would love to have one of them!

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  14. Great choices! Here's my fantasy garage: