Saturday, November 26, 2011

The Weekend that was....

I had my kids this week, but still managed to get a couple of rides in, much to my delight.

Saturday was election Day, and New Zealand went to the polls.  I did my bit and voted. Some thing I have never taken for granted, and living in a democracy it is not only my right, but I feel strongly some thing that must be done.  There is no point in complaining about government if you don't exercise you right to vote.

With that out of the way, I took Nathan for a wee ride north to Orewa.  Tricia O'Connor , who was my original instructor when starting out with the advanced riding was having a small celebration with there shop being open for one year.  It was also a good way to feed Nat some lunch because of the free sausage sizzle.!  I also just wanted to show my support to her.

Tricia shoots straight from the hip, an endearing trait, and essential when you are Teaching skills that will save peoples lives.

Sunday I was able to join IAM for there monthly ride.  Nathan had gone shopping with Terry, and Taylor...well she abandon me for her friends the night before.  Turning up at Deus X Machina, I was greeted by Geoff's beaming smile and a realisation that the cafe was in fact closed and moving....bugger really could of done with a strong coffee  this morning too.

With only two observers and 7 of us trainees there, Geoff and Phil took the new guy Matt for his first observed ride.  I think this is important, if new people come along they should always be given priority to get "checked" and into the system. You can read about Geoff's experience here..

So Mornay and the rest of us headed off for a ride to Shelly beach...out west and a place I had never been to before.  The pace set by the lead bike was slow, and I was certainly getting frustrated at our lack of "progress".   Still it was pleasant enough and having never been to Shelly beach it was yet a new place to visit.

I think Morney "sensed' my frustration and the mornings slow progress, actually "sensed" was probably an under statement.  I think my frustration was obvious to all.  He insisted I go out front and he would observe me until we got back to West gate.

I was more than happy to oblige, and set off through some twisties back to the main road, completing several overtaking manoeuvres, before stopping at Paraki for a chat.  After a brief discussion with Andy and I we set off again, during the chat the other guys had gone ahead, I caught them just a few minutes down the road.

At the debrief, Morney was generally positive, saying that both Andy and I are close to where we need to be, I was however guilty of pushing the speed.  This is some thing I am normally very conscious of, but I think the mornings frustrations had simply got the better of me.  Never the less was pleased with my progress and am eager to push on.


  1. Sounds like a good couple of days. Always nice to support the people that helped in the beginning. :)

    I noticed that the GS was in attendance again, over the Sprint. And I was smiling, wondering to myself as I read, if being on the wee spitter was helping to add to the frustrations and feeling of lack of speed. Then I knew it would get you in trouble once you got our front.

  2. Rog:
    Good on you for supporting Tricia - hoping to meet her myself sometime. Nice photo of the Thruxton Bonnie tank too.

    I was devastated about Deus moving - I was looking forward to breakfast there but had to settle for a pie and iced tea at a cafe near the top of the Kumeu motorway!

    Thanks for the tour of the west coast beaches - not places I've ever been to and look forward to remedying that.

    Pity about the slow rider but as already discussed, your cross-check and full test must be imminent.

    As for Lori's comments about your Beemer - why do you think I went with Philip and Matt? Didn't want you wiping the floor with me in the twisties of course :-)

  3. Sounds like a good weekend! great pictures! Twisties are my most favorite thing about riding.

  4. Oh, no. The Deus moving? I had hoped that you guys could have taken me there one fine day...

    I also noticed you were traveling on the tri-coloured beauty again.

    I hope that you don't let your temper get the better part of you... sometimes frustration needs to be part of the training ;-)

  5. Lori: The GS does not really get me in trouble yet! I did get very frstrated though, I need to learn patience.

    Geoff: I was gutted, was looking forward to having a coffee with you, I am pretty sure you wont have a problem keeping up with me.......I spoken to Andy remember!

    Dar: Yep corners are what it is all about.

    Sonja: I am loving the GS, and I agree frustration is a part of the training.

  6. Sounds like you got some good riding in, even if it was a little frustrating one day. Is the Dues moving into a bigger place? More convenient? Or just fading away. I sure have enjoyed seeing all the pictures from inside the cafe.

  7. Trobaritz: Bot sure about the new place for Dus but will check it out for you. Thankfully it is not fading away though.

  8. Nat must be a teenager, or close to it? Always a trick to feed them!

    I've expressed my admiration for Geoff and extend the same to you. Like you hinted at, great riding starts with mastering the mind and emotions.

    Of course, that doesn't mean we can't have fun!

  9. lol - guess that's what comes with impatience, getting put on the spot. :) I'm terribly impatient, especially if I'm wound up. My mediocre motorbike skills keep me in check when riding. This is not so true in the car ;)

    All in all, it sounds like a great day of riding, excepting the news about the cafe.

  10. The Sprint is getting jealous, that's what I heard :-)