Saturday, January 7, 2012

South Island Day 8

I woke up early and flew out of bed, the weather had improved but was still a bit deary.  At least it wasn't anything like the previous day.  I left soon after and enjoyed a leisurely ride through the magical Lewis Pas road.  Another one of the great "passes".    It meant to that on this trip I had completed the three roads that I was determined to ride, Arthur's, Lindis and Lewis.

Lewis pass is different as in so far you never really reach a great altitude but ride through fantastic canopy covered roads during part of it. As always it is spectacular.....I have run out of adjectives by now!

Once I had got to Springs Junction it had fined up and the run through to Murchison was "spirited", apart for a brief stop at the Mariua falls, which I didn't know existed until I rode pass them.

I stopped in Murchison for a bit of food, and then headed off to Nelson.  Another great ride, buy this time I am thinking that I am not keen to stay in Nelson the night.  I was having far to much fun...perhaps I will go all the way through to Picton.  I wasn't due to catch the ferry till the next day, but there is no harm in rocking up when I get there and seeing if I can get on one.

Nelson to Picton was hoot, although it began to rain again and the time I got in to Picton it was heavy the it was blowing pretty hard as well.  I had planned  my run to perfection though and arrived just 20minutes before the ferry left.  Straight on and the only vehicle on the top deck!   Once settled a quick call to my mate in Fielding I had my accommodation all sorted for the night.

Wellington Heads.

Only bike on top deck, just before I teid her down for a rough crossing over Cook Streight.

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Off the ferry at 6.30pm I headed straight to Fielding in the pouring rain! All the way.  I finally got there after nine, a nice long 15 hour day in the bike.   But I was happy.  I had had a great week riding the best roads in the world, and even though it was coming to end I was still a very happy man.  The following day I meandered back to Auckland....and later that night my kids came for a holiday with me. Fantastic!

I had accomplished all I set out to do.  Rode the roads I wanted to do, the ones that were missed on my previous trip.  The weather was great for the majority of it.  Met some great people and saw the most stunning scenery the world has to offer.  

New Zealand may be at the bottom of the world for many, but if you ride a bike, this country must be one to put on the bucket list.  I can assure you, you will not, ever, be disappointed.


  1. Loving the piccys! I'll be down there next month for the TT - can't wait!

  2. Andrew: You will love it, shame you wont have time to stop and take pics!

  3. Brilliant ride and report Roger. I'm looking forward to being there in about a month's time.

    Cheers Jules

  4. Excellent pics and report Roger that hot dip must have been heaven after a wet days ride. Say helo to Geoff for me. Glad you had a trouble free trip.

  5. What a wonderful trip, Roger. I am almost sad is is already over... beautiful landscape indeed, you are a true ambassador for your country. New Zealand certainly belongs on a motorcyclist's bucket list.

  6. Jules: You are gonna love it.....You should have good settled weather as well. I want full details as you go.

    Dylan: Thaaks mate, I Geoff camoe over to the bach I was staying at with the kis the other day......honestly we could talk forever!

    Sonja: Thank you, I appreciate our compliment. I truly think that no amount of words or pictures can explain just how amazing the South Island is.....but I did try!

  7. Roger,
    I think I'll have to go south again next year for my own sanity!

    And they say women can talk, hehe! Put it down to not meeting up all that often.....

  8. Geoff: I dont need to tell you what an excellent idea that would be! You can cover a lot od distance in just a few days....

  9. Pity for the rain but wonderful trip, beautiful landscapes and locations.

  10. Beautiful pictures and you're right, one for the bucket list. (That list is getting mighty long...)

  11. George: The rain didnt bother me to much, still loved it.

    Richard: I have the feeling you see some pretty amazing stuff with what you do. But I do think a trip down under would never be a regret! ....and I am a great cook to so we would see you well fed before you leave to go south.

  12. Definitely on the bucket list. I think we are all jealous of your multi-day riding adventure.

    The scenery you have shown through your pictures is stunning.

  13. @Geoff (and Roger): Southern Cross next year...

  14. New Zealand was already on my list, but I might underline and highlight it after your last ride report! I'm drooling!

  15. Trobaritz: Thank you for the compliment.

    Andrew: Tempted.

    Ken: You will be garenteed a warm welcome on your arrival.

  16. Roger - beautiful pictures. I have a friend who is a transplanted Kiwi and she is trying to talk me into doing a dream riding trip there. It may take awhile, but I think it would be breathtaking to see NZ.