Sunday, January 1, 2012

South Island Day 6

Having spent the  night in Hokitika I was in decisive about where to go next.  I was keen to head to North to Karemea, which is up the west coast and where the world famous Heafy Track begins.  But a heavy rain warning the side of the country convinced me to change my mind.  Instead I headed through the stunning Arthur's pass for another over night er in Christchurch.

I was glad I chose this route.  The weather was average out of Hokitika but once through the centre of the Island it was dry roads and fantastic riding.  It had been a road I always wanted to ride, and had not been able to do on my previous trip.

Once again words fail me for what a great road this is to ride, and for the first hour I pretty much had it all to my self.  Even the first part where it was raining could not distract from what was a great road and a great ride.

There is something very serene about riding around just a magical landscape early in the morning, having the road to your self.  It is hard to describe.

I arrived in Christchurch and spent another evening lying in the heated bath out doors, what a away to spend the evening after two just awesome days on the bike.

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  1. That Arthur's pass down from Greymouth sounds like another 'must do' I'm sure that was one road in Geoff,s blog to behold. So where next somewhere with amazing scenery and roads to match guarenteed.......

  2. Rog:
    You sure know how to hurt a guy with photos like that! If pressed to name my favourite south island pass, I'd really struggle as the characteristics and scenery are so different. Best ride 'em all as you've done :-).

  3. Really interesting shot of what looks like an avalanche chute over the road as well as the one for water. It looks like an interesting area (jealous!)

  4. Great pictures. I agree with Richard very interesting chute and I'm jealous too.

    Glad you are having such a great time. How could you not with those roads and that scenery?

  5. Dylan:: haven't got around yet two writing the last few days, sitting at a Bach at hot water beach with my kids, wine and far to much food! But any where in the south island is stunning.

  6. Geoff: I have to agree hard to pick a favorite, Arthur's was brilliant though.

    Richard: mate never a dull moment riding down there.

    Trona ritz; thanks hon, and yes hard motto have a good time.

  7. Fine. I'm gonna have to agree with everyone else on the interesting diverters for the rock and water slides. Beautiful expected. :)

  8. And I agree with BeemerGirl! But, 16% grade?!? Sweet!

  9. So, did you obey the sign and use low gear? Snicker, snicker.

  10. Lori: Thanks hon, after a while you run out of words to describe what you see.

    Ken: Yes!

    Dan: I was coming up it, but still do fun.

  11. I read this well and take it you have been enjoying yourself to the fullest, what with the road to one self and also hot water bathing it. Now did the Sprint take to the low gearing sign welll???
    Looks totaly delightful.

  12. Sues: It was a great trip....only one day to come now. THe sprint performed flawlessly, but I couldnt help think I would of liked to had been on the GS, lots of places to explore.