Sunday, January 15, 2012

Coromandel Explore-Part 2 A Rogeys Gravel Rash Adventure

I left Kennedy Bay and couldn't resist popping down to the beach for another we blat, man it was fun.  From there I carried on up the eastern side of the peninsular.  This is all gravel, in fact apart from a few small bits of tarmac linking the east to the west all the majority of the next seven hours was spent on gravel.

Tuteawa on The Eastern Side.
The scene of the wing mirror incident.

From there I continued to had north towards Stony Bay.    Just before Port Charles, as I was dealing with some tight twisties I came across a truck that was trying to get around a tight left hander.  I pulled over and stopped as far left as I could.  The truck got around the corner OK, but as he went past he straightened and his trailer got extremely close to my handles bars on the right hand side. Eventually with only centimeters to spare I lent the bike, to my left , unable to hold it and with my footing not so good the bike fell against the left hand clay bank.  And there went my wing mirror...., the guys stopped and helped me pick up the bike.  You will see from the pics that part of the road on his left was giving way, so he was also trying to ad void that.   In all the damage was minor, just a $51 dollar bracket from BMW.  It was certainly an interesting moment though.

Stony Bay

Onwards to Stony bay, and I have to say the road is narrow, with a bit of gravel mixed with clay.  Very very tight.   Still got there OK, took a few pics and carried on back south, crossing over towards Colville before turning north again and heading to Fletcher's bay.  But not before stopping and enjoying some glorious white bait fritters at the Kiwi Lodge.

White Bait Fritters

The ride from Colville to Fletchers Bay is just stunning.  All along the coast the windy, narrow, gravel road will keep your senses on high alert.  At times there is nothing but shear drops to the beach below.  Still it is pretty mouth watering stuff.  It is only about 40kms but took me an hour to complete with a stop for some photos.

Over looking Skinny Dip Bay.

Great Barrier from Fletchers Bay


Heading back fro Fletcher's I stopped at one of the many small beaches, and decided a swim was in order.  I have now renamed this bay "Skinny Dip" bay, for reasons I wont go into......Fear not though for the weak stomach amongst my readers, not a single car passed either direction for the 40 minutes I was parked there.

I finally got home after 8, it had been a long day but one of the best.  I am truly loving where this GS can take me.

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  1. Rog, simply stunning pics. You should have put up some drooling alert with regards to the scenery as well as to the fritters. Sigh, I so want to go there (again). Empty beaches in the middle of summer... who wouldn't want to take (skinny) dip...

  2. And just an hour from home!! I can see you'll be calling in quite often then :-).

    There are a lot of Bronze Whalers spawning in those waters at the moment - I wouldn't want my wedding tackle getting nipped through skinny dipping. Still, if the water's cold, I don't suppose it would be a problem ;-).

    Fabulous photos mate!

  3. Gorgeous area. I'm glad the mirror incident wasnt worse. Healthy respect for trucks on corners... I'm gonna have to wonder about the spawning fish and cold water that Geoff mentions. But I'm not going to wonder too much. ;)

  4. Bugger about the mirror but one thing about adv bikes is they can take the little drops fairly well. I had a fright last time out when a Hilux came around a corner I was just turning into - it can get pretty tight on those narrow country roads and the farmers think they own them...

    I was just glad it wasn't a milk tanker...

  5. Sonja: Thanks hon,the scenery is stuning that is for sure. THe empty beaches are par for the course around this area. Bloody great.

    Geoff: Trust you....!!! For fear of being blocked by blogger I shall not reply to your comment, you will keep. I never forget! (Thanks for the orange juice by the way)

    Lori: Ignore Geoff, he just jealous he carnt ride those roads cause his bike will get dirty, and just to put things right, nothing can eat you in NZ waters.

    Andrew: Dont get me started on milk tankers....plonkers all of them. THe GS certainly got a thumping on thises roads though, seemed to handle it fine so carnt complain.

  6. Absolutely sensation pics. What stunning countryside you have at your disposal.

  7. Beautiful pics Roger. Sure makes we want to go on vacation down there.

    I too am glad the mirror incident wasn't worse. Had to be a pucker moment with that truck though.

    It is nice to see you out enjoying the BMW. I bet you are happy with the purchase.

  8. Jules: Cheers mate, it is pretty amazing, but you still have to get out and see it, which so many people dont do. You are gonna love your trip down under.

    Trobaritz: You are correct it was a"pucker" moment, good choice of words by the way.

  9. Too bad you weren't riding when you met the truck. It would have been ever so much more exciting! :)

    Secondly, why do they call the fritters "white bait"?

    Thirdly, thank you for sparing us the "dip" details.