Saturday, November 27, 2010

Any ride is a good ride#2

The day dawned glorious.  My partner had organised a 8km walk through the bush by Bethells beach with the social club at work, my daughter was keen to join.  Nathan looked at me and I looked at him, and neither of us was keen on that particular pursuit.  A ride perhaps was more to our liking.

So they headed off to explore by foot the beauty that is the west coast, we on the other hand decided that doing it on the bike was far more fun, So we headed in that general direction.

We left home bright and early , it was only after eight.  Straight up the motorway and on to SH 16.  Hadn't ridden this for a while.  This well known road amongst bikers in Auckland, is also well liked by the boys in blue.  Not that that would worry me, with Nathan on the back, speed is not the priority, just being on the bike is fun enough.

We stopped at Helinsville for a much needed coffee and then continued around the coast.  This road is a lot of fun on a bike, but it is also very pretty with lovely views of the Kaipara coast.  We stopped again at the look out about 10kms west of Wellsford.

Lying in a ditch across the road to get this pic!

I have been wanting to get some more photos of the bike and to update the picture that is on the blog page.  I ended up lying in a ditch with the camera to get the photo.  I thought it was particular arty of me!

Carrying on to Wellsford we rejoined SHW1 and turned south.  Suddenly the bike is handling weird, I could feel Nathan moving a lot, which is not something he tends to do.  Next minute he is tapping me on the shoulder and wants me  to stop.  We pull over just at the top of Dome Valley.   He has some how managed to kick his foot peg up and had been trying to get it down.  That soughted, we continued on and stopped at McDonald's in Orewa.  My least favourite junk food, still I had a chicken wrap and we carried on.  The temperature was certainly getting up there and every time we stopped I could feel the sweat running down my back.

Kaipara Coast.

We continued down the motorway all the way  past the Bombay hills, turning left onto SH2.   Carried on along for a while then headed through Miranda and Kaiuwa.  Stopped again for a drink and then home along the coast and back into Botany.

So a bit of a figure eight. Didnt actually plan it this way but that doesnt matter .At least we were out and it was bloody good!
Out little trip ended up being about 340 kms.

Man it was good to be out.

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  1. Now that's a ride to sink our teeth into! One day...what a great place to live!

  2. Thanks Chessie, I couldnt agree more!

  3. Sounds like a nice ride Roger,
    I also like the new picture you have of the Bike, was you layed on the Tarmac to take the shot ??? LOL

    Tony T

  4. Oh, now that looks to be a perfect ride. Great that Nathan handled that distance so well. And how did SO and daughter enjoy the walk? :)

    Nice image, look forward to more?

  5. THank you lori,it was indeed good. Partner and daught were some what buggered, but they got no sympthay from us, as Nathan said " we did 300 kms and they did 8 , they need to harden up"

    It waas a rather quiet night after that!

  6. That was worth to get the picture of your bike, the blog looks much nicer with the new picture :-)

  7. Thanks George, Yes I think it looks a lot better, it has taking me a while you work my way arounf it and set it properly. I think it looks good now. I try to play around a lot with postions and stuff when taking photos.

  8. I have done the exact north part of your trip, and actually stopped in Helensville to refuel. Beautiful! I love the 'ditch' pic by the way.

  9. Thanks Sonja, I am glad you can relate to the ride.

  10. LOL. And partner and daughter stood for that kind of sass?? 8 of manual hard work vs 300 of sitting on the back of a bike with motorization just watching the scenery roll by?? No contest. :)

  11. No contest.......for sure! Didnt have to think to hard about that one!