Wednesday, November 24, 2010

I am Grateful.

Well Christmas is almost upon is again. It seems like I have only just put the tree away, and I am pulling it out again.  It is a crazy time for me at work. Always is this time of year.  So why I have a brief break in the chaos.   I would like to take the time to say a few things which can only be said once a year.

I am grateful for my two terrific kids.  For their honesty, humour, and love.   I am grateful that they continue to teach me things , that they are well balanced, caring, respectful,  and most of all that they are mine.

Taylor and I , Little Bay 1/1/10

I am grateful for my parents, who's undying love shows me the way forward.  Even though they are close to there seventies, they still have a spark and a jest for life, that I only wish to emulate when I get to their age.   My relationship with them is stronger than ever.

I am grateful that I am still healthy.

I am grateful for my partner , who knows all my faults and loves me anyway. Who lets me not only indulge my passions, but shares in it with me. You are a  great step parent to Taylor and Nathan.  This alone is no easy task.   For your understanding and unconditional love I am truly grateful.

I am grateful that I have kept it rubber side up, have been able to ride some great roads, and seen some great places.   I am even more grateful that I have been able to share some of these journeys with you all.  I have learnt to love this place, I call home, more and more.  I am grateful at how lucky I am.

I am grateful to have met some great people along the way, who share my passion.   For those that have taken the time to read my blog and comment, I feel truly honoured to have shared some of my stories and life experiences with you.  To the people who's blogs I follow, thank you, for letting me share in your journeys, triumphs and tragedy's.   My life is richer because you have done so.

So to Terry, Nathan, Taylor, Mum, Dad, Tim & Sandra, Jean & Gary, Geoff James, SonjaM, Lori, Tony, GeorgeF, Andy & Jo, Brady, Jamie & Paulin, Rodney &Sharon, Bandit rider, Avgas, Kiwonabike, Oz, Mark & Anne, John Mc, Tony,  and to anyone I may have missed unintentionally I am grateful for having you along for the journey this year.  I wish you all a safe and Merry Christmas.  I wish for you all a fantastic New Year.  And I hope we travel many more miles together.

For those in the Northern Hemisphere, I hope you have a white Christmas (Ummm not so sure I should say that by the blogs I read, I don't think snow is that welcome amongst the motorcycling fraternity)

To those in the South , lets crack open a cold one, put another steak on the BBQ, grab the sun block, a hat, maybe even a good book,  and lets soak it all up.......after the ride of course.

All the best everyone.


As I write this, New Zealand is in shock at the death of 29 miners at the Pike River mine on the West Coast. My thoughts are with those family's and their loss.  For five long days the country has waited for news, only for this tragic outcome.


  1. They're really nice sentiments Roger and all the very best to you and your family too.

    Ditto regarding loved ones involved in the mine tragedy. I'll freely admit that I shed a few tears yesterday but thank goodness that's the sort of place NZ still is - we still care deeply about each other.

    My thoughts are also with the rescue co-ordinators, especially the mine manager and senior cop. What wonderful, caring, dignified human beings.

  2. Thank you Geoff. It is indeed a sad day. They are a very resilent bunch on the West Coast. I also feel very much for the cop and the mine manager. Lots of angry families to deal with.
    All the best to you, Jennie and your family for the festive season.


  3. The story of the miners is a very sad one. It was in the Canadian as well as in the German news. A tragedy, and I feel for the friends and families, who have lost loved ones.

    Thank you for reminding us of being thoughtful, and grateful for what we have. Sometimes one forgets over whining on complaining about work, money, and minor inconveniences in life.

    Read this, and took hubby out for dinner today. Life is good!

  4. Christmas and warm weather, oh, I miss those days when I lived in South Africa and before that Mozambique :-( now it's cold weather and snow. All the best to you and family and have a wonderful Christmas in the company of those you love :-)

  5. My family is in Minnesota, and if that doesn't mean much to you down there where summer is getting underway it's cold and snowy. When I go visit them for Christmas there will be no motorcycling. Fortunately, we're further south and I take a bike to work (almost) every day, in spite of a bit of chill. Enjoy the nice weather, I miss it already!

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