Sunday, November 21, 2010

Yes officer!

Oh the joys of motorcycle ownership.  It seems the moment you own one you become noticeable to the boys in blue.    Or perhaps I am just the friendly type......  Since I have got back into motorcycling I have been pulled over three times by these lovely fellows.  Some would say that is not very often, but considering that I have owned a car for 5x times longer than a bike, and I have only been pulled over about the same amount it seems some what strange.

Let me remove any doubt from any reader here and now, I am not , nor will I ever be anti police. I believe they do a good job, and I certainly don't envy their position one bit.

The first time I go pulled over I was on my way to work on a Saturday morning.  Riding down the southern motorway at 6.00am,  There was hardly any traffic around and the thought of meeting mister plod didn't really enter my mind.  When I looked into my mirrors I noticed these flashing lights.


I pulled over, and the office who was on a bike pulled up beside me.  This I found strange for starters. He lifted up his helmet and we began to have a friendly chat.  "I have clocked you at 113kms" he said, "any reason for your excess speed?"

No officer, No excuse what so ever.  I was tempted to say "because I didn't see you," but in case he didn't have a sense of humour I decided against it.  "well" he said,  "I need to be seen to be pulling you over, you did weave in and of  traffic a bit, Anyway as it is the week before Christmas, and I always give one free be away each day, today is your lucky day".  "Keep it under 100, and nice bike by the way".  With that he departed.  It was in fact a very pleasant exchange.

The second incident happened on Tamaki drive, and if ever I should of got a ticket that was it.  But I didn't.  Perhaps I have been lucky, or perhaps I just don't come across as an arrogant biker.  I have always admitted my mistakes, and have never tried to talk my way out of it. There is something to be said for admitting your mistakes and accepting your punishment.  While waiting for the first officer to run checks, I did extol the virtues of the 675 Daytona I was on to the second officer, he seemed some what interested.  Anyway after what seemed like an eternity they had a discussion, came back to me and let me off with a warning, but he did say and I quote " If you want to do this shit, take it to the back roads of Whitford".   Well that is handy to know, if I  ever get pulled over out that way all I have to say is officer 49271 said I was allowed,  just not allowed to do it on Tamaki drive!

The third and last time that I have been pulled over was out the back of Miranda.  For those that don't know this area, it fairly rural but consists of some straights with a couple of corners.  I had my partner on the back and we were coming back from down the line.  Being on the straights my speed had inadvertently crept up.  I certainly wasn't trying.  Just bored and riding along.  Next minute a man in blue comes around the corner and flashes his lights.  He does a Uturn and follows me.  I of course pull over.   He greets me with the phrase "Do you have any idea what speed you were doing?'.  No officer I don't sorry.  "well neither do I , but you were well above the limit".  With that he gave me a stern warning and sent me on my way.

The days of sports bikes are over for me.  I can still have fun on the bike I ride with out having to reach license losing speeds.  I suppose I have been lucky, but when ever I have been pulled over I have always admitted my fault and am never rude.  I am afraid that is just my nature.  Perhaps that is why I have not yet had a ticket when riding the bike.  (Touch wood)!


  1. You should have heard me laughing out loud Roger as we have parallel experiences!! In fact one of my riding partners is a cop from Manurewa - fantastic guy.

    I've got away with far more than I deserve so you won't hear me complaining about the police either.

    Ever done a runner? I have and there will never, ever be another. Got away with it but not an experience to be repeated.

    Thanks mate - enjoyed the post immensely!

  2. Hi Geoff, Gald you enjoyed. No I have never done a runner, seriously dont think I would have the nerve. I must say since putting in the Radar detector I think that has save my butt on more than one occasion!!!!!(Understatement)

  3. PS Geoff.....I bet your missus fliped her lid when she found out you did a runner?

  4. I get into trouble in the car, but never have any trouble on a bike. Weird.

  5. The days of officer discretion are long gone, if they pull you over they're writing a ticket.
    I wear a hi-vis jacket and I believe it has saved my butt more than once when passing a cop going the other way faster than I should.

  6. Cool, the police cutting you some slack! You must come across as a very mature rider, or they must really, really like your bike ;-)

  7. Loved the exchange of the last pull over. Wonder what he would have said if you told him just how fast you were going. LOL. Knock on wood...I haven't. But I do intend on being nice and compliant. I hear that is usually best.

    I'm lacking in the lingo. Is a runner when you don't pull over and try to "run" from the cops? I know I couldn't ride that fast...

  8. Troubadour, perhaps they are a bit more lenient over here. Our police don't even carry guns.

  9. SonjaM...........they must like the bike, I am not easy on the eye!! lol.

  10. Lori, A runner is indeed when you take off, Not for me either I don't have the nerve!!

  11. I must look dodgy or something. Very polite and everything but still get the invoice! Currently hoping some big demerits have just dropped of my licence.

    Test rode a 650 the other day, the thou may have to go...

  12. Roger,

    Yep, the reaming-out I got from Jennie was of biblical proportions, as the one which followed from our daughter who takes after her mother. I only confessed to doing a runner in case the cops had got my number plate!

  13. THats hilerious Geoff, well it is funny now , probably wasnt at the time. I am sure you enjoyed your stay in the dog box though!

  14. Yeah, you've got to watch out for that. I must say, even on the way home there is a road that is 40mph - and I hit 50 so easy on my bike, and it's only a little dual sport. The police have left me alone up to now, which I can be thankful for.