Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Man On the Hill.

There was once a old man who lived at the top of a hill overlooking a village, he was considered the wisest man around, in fact many people went to him for advice.  He was always gracious and discerning in any advice he gave.

One particular morning a couple of young boys from the town were discussing this, they were determined to find a way to catch him out, and to prove that he was not in fact all that wise.

After much discussion they hatched a plan, they decided that they would go and knock on his door, and seek his advice .  The plan was to get a live bird, hold it behind there backs.  They would would then knock on his door and ask him, that since he was the wisest man around,  was the bird they were holding behind there backs alive or dead.  If he said it was dead they would present the living bird, if he said it was alive they would twist its neck, killing it and then present it to him.  They considered it a full proof plan, and were in no doubt they were gonna catch him out!

So a bird was duly caught, and they prcedded up to the mans house and knocked on his door.

The man answered.

"you are the wisest man in town" said one of the young boys, "can you tell me then if the bird I am holding behind my back is alive or dead?"

The old man, looked at them with a gracious set of eyes, that had seen more than he would ever like to tell.  He thought for just a moment be fore he replied.......

"That my dear boys is entirely in your hands".

With that he closed the door and continued on with his day.   The boys left, knowing full well that they had been truly beaten.

I heard this story many years ago and have never forgotten it.  Sometimes life can deal you with a crap hand, but how you play it is entirely up to you.


  1. Very wise. Sometimes it is best to let people answer their own questions. :) Thanks for sharing. -Lori

  2. THanks Lori, It was just a little story I heard that wanted to relay. Glad you enjoyed it.

  3. Nice one Roger! Have you ever read Richard Bach's "There's No Such Place as Far Away"? I bought copies for all of our kids as it went straight to my heart. My daughter cried!

  4. Hi Geoff, No I havern't heard of that book, but I will be keen to read it. I enjoy a good thoughtful read.