Saturday, October 30, 2010

New Zealand Simply the Best.

I love this country.

Yes we have our share of economic and social problems, what country doesn't?   Yes it pisses down some times.  And yes if you look hard enough you will find plenty wrong with it.

But for me I love this country.....

Since I got into biking, my love for this country and its people has grown immensely. Perhaps in my travels I have discovered the soul of this country, something I had not found sitting  at home in Auckland.

I have travelled overseas a lot, not extensively, but I have seen enough to know a good thing when I find it.  There are some great and beautiful countries in this world, steeped in history,  and well established.  By comparison New Zealand is a relatively young country.

SO why do I say all this?

New Zealanders are the most friendly and welcoming people in the world.   No matter where you are from, kiwis will welcome you into there homes and there hearts.  No questions asked. I have met many great people through motorbiking and various web sites I follow.  Whenever I have made contact I have always been welcome.  Not only that, as I have travelled around the country I have met some interesting and fascinating people, and had great laughs from people I did not even know.   There always seems to be a spare spud, and steak , and there is always enough beer!

From a motorcycling point of view we have some of the best roads in the world to ride. New Zealand is a motorcycling paradise.   I live in suburban Auckland, NZ"s biggest city, yet just ten minutes ride from my house I am out on the coast, enjoying great twist and turns.  Just bliss.

Yes , you know what I am gonna say next.  There are not many countries in the world that are as beautiful as NZ. There are a few but not many.  No words will describe it, you need to see it for yourself.  Pure and simple.   Photos at times do not do it justice.  That feeling you get as you ride through a forest, over a hill to see a majestic coastline laid out in before of leaves me breathless.  No Kiwi lives more than 150kms for the ocean, in fact 80% of the population is within minutes of a beach.  Kiwis can't fly, but we do love our water.
Waiheke Island.

New Zealanders are pretty accepting of 'Imports", we are a multi culture society, ( as are most countries) yet we all live in relative harmony.  This comment needs to be put in to context with what  goes on in other parts of the world.  No racial killings or bombing, no fractions waring for control.  In general NZ is a safe country,  although the media at time will try anything to persuade us other wise.

Nothing can eat you! Unlike our Aussie cousins across the ditch (Don;t worry I love Aussies) No crocodiles, snakes, spiders that than kill you in 2 minutes, Big white shark attacks, ( Very very very rare in our waters).

When you live here it is easier to be a knocker, to critise and complain, yet we live in one of the best country's, some times we just have to remind our selves of this.  Of course there is no place like home, and I am the sort of guy that the cup is always half full. But I still think you would be hard pressed to beat this country.


  1. absolutely, couldn't agree more

  2. Since I am working for a Kiwi company had the pleasure to visit your beautiful country, and I totally have to agree with you!

    Great co-workers, hospitable and friendly people (Canadians are nice but Kiwi's are the masters of hospitality and friendliness.) The food is excellent (thinking of lamb and Kumara fries and pies from the gas station right now), good coffee everywhere, the bush is awesome and safe to hike, and the road are of good quality. And the beaches... sigh!
    I can't wait to return, and explore this land some more.
    There is only one downside: it is really far away from everywhere. But no wait, that's probably a good thing!

  3. Hello Sonjam, great to here you have been here and know where I am coming from. On your return me sure to let me know and I will ensure you are well looked after. Glad you know where I am coming from, it is kind of hard to explain, but I think you get me!

    And mr ANON , thanks.

  4. Hi Roger! Preaching to the choir. Though I haven't had the pleasure of traveling to your fair country (which is extremely high on my list of places to see and ride) I have a friend that spent a wonderful three weeks there with her husband that was an exchange student there years ago.

    She had nothing but great things to say about the land and people.

    But...she did mention that there seems to be some growing animosity towards some of "the rich American's" selling off their overpriced US land and being able to purchase some of the best properties in the islands and driving land values/prices up.

    Of course, this was quite a few years ago before the economy here started having issues. :) Have you noticed an issue with US immigrants?


  5. I think the government brought in regulations after Shania Twain tried to buy the entire South Island, iother wise we are very accepting of american imports.

  6. I have seen lots of pictures and the country looks beautiful, I don't think I have ever met a N. Zealander :-( though. I would love to visit NZ but you guys are so far :-) Maybe one day I will have the pleasure and rent a bike to tour the island ;-)

  7. George.... You would never regret it, go on put it in the bucket list!

  8. For some odd reason NZ was not high on my list of places to go..but after reading your post and the replies it is now! I especially like the part that 'nothing to eat you', a priority for me is to not get eaten! :)

  9. Ken, You would never regret a trip down here!!! The fact that nothing can eat you just a bonus we have a lot to offer.

  10. She tried to buy the entire island??!!?? Thank you for not allowing that to happen!

    Careful that you keep encouraging us all to come down. We might just take you up on it at the same time! Sleep over at Rogers!!! :)

    Wakibrat was my confirmation word. Very fitting. LOL

  11. Spring was a distant memory away LOl, this week in Nov they are predicting lots lf Rain Gail Force winds and evan Snow in some places OMG.
    Yes the SX doe's look nice from the photo's I've seen on Google Images..