Friday, January 21, 2011

A Love Story.

I had been on my own for over a year, it didn't bother me. After all being single has its advantages.

I first saw her on line.   I wasn't really looking.   But she caught my attention.  

Perhaps she is not every ones thing of beauty, but for me I was infatuated.  I felt like a teenager again.       Meeting online had been a new experience for me.  I would rather meet in person than all this computer stuff.  

Still after a few weeks the relationship blossomed.  I found myself thinking about her more and more, I had trouble sleeping, I was counting the days till we actually met,  they seemed to drag on forever. 

Thoughts of her never, left my mind.  God I thought to myself, "am I turning into some sort of stalker or some thing".

Finally the day dawned and we had our first date.  The ease we felt in each other's company was obvious to any one who cared to look.   It was like we were made for each other.  We had so much in common. 

She was so relaxed and responsive to me, even though we had just met, she seemed to know me.

The time I spent with her seemed to disappear so fast, and I found myself hanging out to our next meeting. Counting down the days and hours.

It wasn't long before I realised I was in love, and I knew she felt the same way. Some of my mates thought I was crazy. She moved in after just a week.  It couldn't last I thought.  It must all turn to custard soon.  After all, I know I am not the easiest person to live with.  Yes there were issues but nothing we couldn't over come.  Only time would tell if it would last.........the skeptics would scoff, but in my heart I knew that I had found what I had been looking for......

Next week we celebrate our one year anniversary,  she has now become a big part of my life,   more than I thought possiable.  We have all ready had some great times together, and I know we will share many more yet. 

Some of you may of seen her before, hiding away in my pics....but in case you hadn't noticed her before here she is.....



  1. She has a very nice body..triples no less! ;)

  2. SonjaM, Couldnt agree more.

    Ken, Had to read your short reply twice...I thought you said nip.......

  3. I love her backside too ;-) I started reading the story to my wife since I had read your blog about your split and only realized at the end what this was about, ha ha, next time I will scroll down first before my wife goes "oh, so nice" :-)

  4. Congratulations on your upcoming anniversary. Billie came into my life a year ago the end of February. Amazing how time with a good companion flies by.

    Nicely written.


  5. George, I am glad I could ff er some light hearted entertainment!

    Keith, Yes time does fly, amazing isnt it.

  6. You want to be careful of Scarlet Women Roger! In this case though, she seems the real deal :-)

    Well done!

  7. Geoff, never a truer word spoke!

  8. Happy Anniversary!
    How are you going to celebrate the day? :)

  9. Mr Bluekat.....I carn't possiable comment

  10. Ha...Ha...

    Happy Anniversary! Be sure to let her take you for a ride.