Saturday, December 3, 2011

Fantastic Roads....Fantastic Company.

After a few drinks on Tuesday night with Andy and Richard from IAM, it was decided a weekend away to show Richard (a new import from the UK), some of the great roads NZ has to offer.   Andy was only able to attend Saturday  while Richard and I would continue towards Taupo taking in some of the great roads of the central north island.

It was decided an early start would suit us all.  Something I am always in favour off. For two reasons mainly, 1) I hate mucking around the house in the morning, and being an early riser am always keen to head off as soon as I can,  2)  I love early morning riding, no traffic and getting out of Auckland  so by early in the day we are hitting some great roads.

So Richard, Andy, and I met at BP Autobahn at 8.00am Saturday morning. The route I had proposed is familiar to many of my readers, so although I am not showing you any thing new, I still love riding these roads.

Me....looking FAB!

Andy.....the smile says it all, mischievous bugger!

Richard, A recent UK import, falling in love with kiwi roads.

The ride to Te Kuiti was uneventful, but I enjoyed following Andy immensely.  He rides great lines and gets a long at  a "good" clip.  I would hate to think how many times I have ridden this road this year, but still enjoyed it.. We stopped in Te Kuiti for a coffee and this is where Andy decided to leave.  We had encountered rain coming into Te kuiti and it was dodgy for the rest of the day.  As per usual NZ weather you just never know what is going to happen.

Richard and I pulled out of Te Kuiti and headed towards Whakamaru through Bennydale and (HY30). I love this road with fast sweeping corners and lovely tight twisties in place.  But It was a frustrating ride, lots of new patches of seal, wet roads, dry roads, raining not raining etc etc..... I struggled to get a good rhythm going.

Once in Whakamaru we stopped at the cafe there and saw two beautiful bikes, all nut year apart in production.  Still admired both and would be happy with either in my garage.

TRIDENT...sounded bloody awesome.

Sports Tourer?
We continued around the western side of lake Taupo, an awesome road and done with a large smile on both our faces.  Hardly a car to be seen, lovely sweeping corners and beautiful scenery.  Hooking left at the end and through Turangi and then North to Taupo eventually getting in to Taupo around 4.30.  What a great days riding.

Lake Taupo

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We had a great night in Taupo, swapping war stories and other biking adventures, while partaking in the local food and amber beverage.  It is great to ride people who are riding the same system that I am learning.  There seems to be a mutual understanding.  Most bloody enjoyable.

We both needed to get back to Auckland by 11.00am so we were on the road by 6.30am Sunday.   Terrific ride out of Taupo, past Kinloch and towards Te Awamutu.  Doing our best to ad void the numerous milk tankers crossing the centre line.  Normally first thing tin the morning it takes me a bit to get going, no such problems today, with both Richard getting on the pace quickly and smoothly.  

An hour from home we hit torrential run.  Got completely drowned.  Couldn't dampen a great weekend on two wheels though.

The Dam at Waipapa

BMW 1200 GS, Richards bike.


  1. Re: the first pic...the BIKE looks fab! :)
    Love the Trident! Nice post. There is something about riding a 'known' road...comforting.

  2. I have never ridden that road. Will have to try it some time.

  3. Love the Trident but I like the low shots out of the grass from yours and Richard's steeds, too.

    Come the holidays some of my Kiwi colleagues will be traveling home... I so want to go with but of course I can't (my hubby wouldn't be too happy about that).

    I had spent the Easter holidays at Lake Taupo... good times, excellent roads...

  4. Sounds like the kind of riding that is great for the spirit. I ride familiar roads a lot, but our weather being like yours, they are different every time!

  5. Hi Roger, still so busy here, but I just had to take few minutes to check this out and make a comment. Great photos, you really have fun with the bikes over there. As about the photo of your bike, man, damn, you photoshoped it and removed any little dirt spot, right? Confess! :) lol Really next time you should consider addind a sparkle here and there, maybe the one coming from your teeth. lol :p
    Best regards! Ride safe! :)

  6. Your weather sounds a lot like ours, a little rain, a little dry. Nice to share it with like minded riders. Great pics from the ride. The lake is lovely. Seems like even on familiar roads there is always something new to see.

  7. Roger:
    My old stomping ground - I was there with you in spirit when I read the route and saw your wonderful pictures. Sorry to hear you copped a bit of rain on the Saturday too - it was lovely in your fair city!

    Had to smile at your comment about milk tankers. They've got to be the most annoying thing on the road in the Waikato and Taranaki provinces. Almost impossible to pass in the wet.

    Wonderful ride report mate!

  8. I have to agree with MotoCraze your bike looks great. I'm glad to see it isn't being totally ignored with the new steed in the stable.

  9. Ken: THe bike is looking good I have to agree, I also agree with you about the comfort of riding a known road.

    Tricia: Just know you want to!

    Sonja: I look forward to the day you visit, I am sure Geoff and I will look after you in true kiwi spirit.

    Jules: It has been the strangest start to summer I have ever known, yet the are forcastin a hot and dry one, although no sign of it yet!

  10. Motocraze: Great to hear from you, I trust the new baby is what is keeping you busy? No photoshop required....i am just naturally handsome!

    Geoff: No woder why you are a great rider...having those roads to train on could only help, and yes the milk tankers were a real pain, keeping to there side of the road would have been nice to.

    Kari: Taupo is a beautiful lake, and has a most interesting history, created by a huge volcanic eruption a few 1000 years ago. It is crystal clear and very deep, and nothing lives in it except trout, this is because of the acive volcano underneath.

    Keith: It is not thaht i am riding the sprint less, just riding a lot more and using the BMW. Thanks for poping in, great to hear from my favourite blogger in St Louis!

  11. What a great weekend. I am glad you didn't let the rain get you down.

    Love the pictures of the bikes looking up the bank of grass. Very creative.

  12. Roger:

    Lovely roads are better when you have them all to yourselves. I also like low angle shots

    Riding the Wet Coast

  13. Lovely looking day. was the Sprint after riding the GS for so long??

    And I do like Richard's bike. ;)

    Just some gorgeous looking places.

  14. Trobaritz: Thanks, I am not much of a photgraher but I enjoy playing around and know afew basic techniques.

    Bob: Thanks my good man. Lonely roads are awesome roads.

    Lori: Took me a few k's to get use to the sprint again, but the triple is addictive and the torque is hard to resist. Richards bike is great and has 60000 miles on it now.