Thursday, December 15, 2011

Favourite Five- The Winners.

OK, so technically it wasn't a competition, but for the purposes of the exercise I have selected the five best photos from the bloggers that entered.

I have two categories, the first one must include a bike, or part of.  The second part is notables.

There have been some great photos, the best ones are the ones that mean some thing to you!! So I have selected some of MY favourites.

Best Bike Pics #5

This one from George of Riding the USA, we waited a long time to see Georges Tenere...about time you found some dirt.  Many adventures to come. Tencially looks more paved than dirt but we will take your word for it.

Best Bike Pic #4

Andrew from Bandit rider pics is a cracker, I love the desolate look and the fact you seem miles from any where, which considering where you live is probably right anyway!

Best Bike Pic #3

This one by troubadour, of his "Best friend'.  I like the contemplative look of it.   Gorgeous scenery to boot!  ( she is actually thinking, "I wish the pillick would stop taking photos!")

Best Bike Pic#2

Princess Scooter pie, this is a great pic.  Your passion and new found love for biking is exciting to see and hear about.  I am sure this time next year you are gonna find it very hard to select just five pics!

Best Bike Pic #1

This one form Eric . I thought this is just a great pic, the contrast in with the green of the bike and the back ground is just neat.

Notables (non bike)

This one from Geoff James, what a cutie...gonna be a heart breaker too me thinks!  Great pic. I suggest you buy her a chasity belt as soon as....

Another great one from Chillertek, not some thing you see every day, underneath all that fire is a bike (probably a Harley) I hope Gary from Flies in you dentures doesnt read this.

This one from Sonja......certainly has a type of mystique about it!  very cool.

This one from trobaritz, Complicated in it's simplicity!

This one from Nikos, I am sure he wound the window down in the plane to take it!

So these are the ones I liked the most.  It seems to me that everyone that entered the challenge had great pics, and of course I cannot judge on the personal ones.

So it just remains for me to wish everyone a great Christmas.  Have a good one.


  1. Wow, I made it into the top five! Thanks for that Rog, and for this post - there's a few great pics there that I hadn't seen!

  2. He did read this post!

    It was a great idea to ask for peoples five favourite pictures and to post the ones you liked the best. I agree with both your number 1’s.

  3. Roger I am humbled that my pic made it into the top 5. It definitely was hard to pick my faves. there are so many great Moto photographers who blog and their pictures are beautiful and inspire me to be patient, take time and think about what I want the picture to say. This was an awesome challenge thank you! The best part of it is I get to see pictures of places I have never been and I want to ride my bike to many of them or just simply visit with or without the bike.

  4. Roger

    I feel hnoured and thanks for the accolade - is my cheque in the post?

    Have a great Christmas down under and make sure that you set us lots more exciting challenges for 2012!


  5. Andrew: Yes it was fun, must admit there were some goodones in there.

    Gary : Thanks mate it was good fun......glad you like my choices , pretty hard to choose really, they are all good.

    Dar: Reading other peoples blogs open up a whole new world. Weclome to the journey.

    Nikos: Sent you you a cheque for 1000 euro, should be worth about one tenth of that the time you get it!

  6. Hey Rog, great idea and it got everyone abuzz with posting. Yes i also agree with your top pics, erics was a clear stand out.

    Luckily there was no motorcyle under that semi crash, but it was spectacular.

  7. Roger, Thank you very much for number 1 spot! Too often, I'll be out riding, and forget to stop to take some pictures.

    Thanks everyone for the nice comments. I really enjoy reading other people's blogs...


  8. Thank you good sir. Making the top 5 was a surprise. I think everyone's photos were amazing.

  9. Rog:
    Thanks for picking one of mine but I have to say that the contemplative one of Trobairitz is my personal favourite. It really sums up that freedom and satisfaction which comes from riding to remote places.

  10. Chillertek: It is a great photo you took. It has been fun doing this, may make it a yearly thing.

    Erik: I am the same, some times need o force myself to stop as I get carried away with my riding.

    Trobaritz: I agree!

    Geoff: There were so many great pics, I just tried to get a good selection. It is never easy to choose. In years to come though, you are going to look back and really ove that pic of Molly. (Even more than now)

  11. Thank you, Roger. I am honored that you picked one of mine, too. Thanks for the good times, and sharing your rides and thoughts with us. Wishing you Happy Holidays and balmy 28C on Christmas Day ;-)

  12. Great picks for the top 5. I would have had difficulty choosing. I enjoyed seeing everyones posts. Thank you for coming up with the challenge. I'm afraid that I am rarely satisfied with the way my pictures come out.

  13. All lovely pictures, thanks Roger for selecting one of my pictures. I wish Spring was here but alas, we in the middle of cold weather.
    This was a great idea.

  14. Thanks Roger for picking one of my pictures. Loved all the pictures, this was a great idea.
    Wish Spring was here but alas, we in the middle of cold weather.