Wednesday, December 28, 2011

South Island Day 3

Christchurch - Wanaka.

Once I had ridden the boring straights out of Ashburton, I turned off towards Geraldine and Tekapo.  I knew from past experience what an amazing trip lay ahead of me.  Apart form some just incredible roads the scenery is gob smacking brilliant...

I travelled 440 kms this day, took me all day.  Around every opportunity is a classic pic.The pictures really don't do it justice.  But I am going to upload a heap of them I am sure they will tell the story better than I can write it.

It becomes very diffucult to describe in words what an awesome place this is to ride.
Just west of Tekapo

Southern Alps

Tekapo taken from My John..yes that is it's real color.

Mt Cook.  NZ's Highest Mountain

Lindis Pass

Kids at Play Wanaka.
The best though is yet to come.....

Here is a taste of Day 4

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  1. I am sooo jealous, yet again!! Have fun

  2. Absolutely gorgeous! Love the pics of the bike with the heather and Mt. Cook. Keep up with having fun. Enjoying you sharing with us.

  3. Stunningly beautiful pictures. I'm with BeemerGirl, my favorite pic is the one with the bike, purple flowers and the mountains in the background.

    What an awesome trip.

  4. Rog:
    Any one of those photos could be professionally published - the old heart aches to be down there. The photo of your Sprint with the lupins is simply magnificent. The majesty of the Southern Alps make a person feel so insignificant.

    Good one mate! Actually, much, much better than good.

  5. Great pics! I love it around Tekapo too - just a few too many straight roads. I see you got a picture of my favourite corner in the Lindis too:

  6. +1 to Geoff's observation about how outstanding the photo of the Sprint with the lupines is. I love that photo.

    Thanks for letting me know the water is really that color. Wonderful.

    And, now the anticipation of Day 4.

    Thanks for all this sharing.

  7. I agree with everyone here, the photo of your bike in front of the lupines is awesome.

  8. Tricia: Nice to wind you up for a change...heheh.

    Lori and Trobaritz: The funny thing about that pic was that I was riding along this lovely coloured field and I thought I would just plant my pic in and take a pic, I was so focused on the bike I did not even notice the mountains until after I took the picture.....doh! It gets a bit like that down here.

  9. Geoff: I am sure you know this, but you actually dont have to be good wither a camera to take decent pictures down here. (But hey thanks for the compliment) and yes i agree, I stopped a couple of times and just sat and looked at what was in front of me....just majestic.

    The yanks got yellowstone, the Aussies got the minerals, the pommes got Margret Thatcher.....I will take the Southern Alps over all of the above!

  10. Keith: You really need to see it for yourself. The water is coloured because it comes from glaciers and its because of the oxygen or something, might need to get Geoff to explain that one better.

    Brad: Thanks mate....I think it is because it is a Triumph!

  11. Andrew: how bloody amazing you took a pic the same place as me, and what a cracking pic!

  12. Mate you can't go wrong, all of the photos are good. Wish i was over there riding with you.

  13. Chillertek@ I am sure after your trip earlier you would want to come back and do it on a bike, I know I would go nuts doing it in a car!

  14. Great photos all, but the third one: the bike, the lake and the clouds simply oooooooozes biker-aura. Very nice!

  15. All right Maggies still alive....can we swap...
    Top class photos to warm up a Brit cold wet grey day.Jealous...what, who me...!

  16. Absolutely beautiful pictures. Thank you for the trip and warming up a cold day.

  17. Holy crap! That is gorgeous.

    The pictures are just stunning. I will go against the grain and say my favourite is not the picture of the bike in front of the flowers. My favourite is every single one of the others.

    I am jealous by the bucket load!! How long is the flight to NZ.....

  18. Nice pics Rog, NZ looks waaaay different to christmas in Scotland. Looking forward to the next post. Stay safe and have a good new year.


  19. Ken: thanks mate.

    Dylan: glad I could brighten your day.

    Richard': always a pleasure

    Gary: thanks for the compliment. It doesn't take long to get here.....just take lots of sleeping pills.

    Mike: bloody hell that isan understatement !

  20. What a fantastic set of pictures - the one of the bend in the road made me miss my trip in the US this summer, I saw many such bends and it was fantastic. Well, ever dog has his day (wait, that's usually a bit pejorative, right?) Well, whatever, enjoy your summer, the weather looks absolutely amazing and you've got the perfect machine for it.

    Behind Bars - Motorcycles and Life

  21. Brady: Thanks mate, it really is a stunning place to ride.