Thursday, December 22, 2011

Crap- Here we go again....

Not again.....

Christchurch Earthquake.

Right on Christmas and the earth rumbles again.  My heart really goes out to the people of Christchurch.  As if they havernt been through enough  shit all ready.

Stay know the drill.

I was planning on being there Christmas day as part of my South Island trip.  Will see what happens may need to make new plans and divert away  from the area if the damage is bad.



  1. Looked pretty superficial apart from a bit of liquefaction in the eastern area according to TV news. I'd still happily live down that way as long as it wasn't eastern suburbs. Nils, the friend who visited us last week on his VFR 800 is crossing tomorrow to stay with his out-laws (his words, not mine, haha.

    You should have a breathtaking ferry crossing. Travel safely mate and have a wonderful break.

  2. Sorry about the news but glad you guys are alright. Thanks for sharing and letting us know.

  3. Geoff: I relise the damage is not as bad as preious quakes, but the emotional toll this must be taking on the residents would be gut wrenching.
    I am looking forward to coming into Quenn Charlotte just on dusk...should be a beauty if the weather remains good. I WILL have a great break.

    Brad; Cities like CHCh get forgotten as times pass, but it is still tough down there for a lot of people.

  4. Mate, i've only been to Christchurch twice, once before and once after the quake. It was a most beautiful city unfortunately that has fallen to ruin. Mostly the city centre and eastern suburbs are really bad but when we were there in september all the western suburbs seemed to be business as usual. As long as you stay out of the city centre you will probably be fine.

  5. Roger:

    glad all of you are OKay. I would think that Liquidfaction would be more dangerous than falling buildings as the ground is unstable and would swallow your home with you inside. There is no structure left in the ground and no defense against it.

    Riding the Wet Coast

  6. Thank you for the update. Many times I am unsure on what I hear. Glad you are not impacted directly.

  7. I agree, it must be difficult for folk there emotionally even if there is no great damage.

    We are flying into Christchurch late January so will see first hand how things are.

    All the best for your trip Roger, stay safe.

    Cheers Jules.

  8. Yikes, again. I am glad that it wasn't as severe this time. According to our news over here (which is censored of course) we hear that no lives were lost. For that I am glad. The liquification is scary.

    Hope nothing was damaged too bad. The residents could really use a break.

  9. Not again! Haven't these people not endured enough? This liquefaction is a nasty thing. Nothing and nobody is safe when that's happening. Hope you enjoy your trip. Take care and be safe!

  10. I hate it when the earth moves. Glad to hear you are fine.

  11. Hi everyone, having arrived in Christchurch the damage appears mainly superficial, although it is still rock and rolling....Still all the existing infrastructure needs to be re checked. I did not go into the heart of the city, I am staying about 20kms south of there. I do not feel the need to go and take pics as I felt that would be a bit of an insult.