Wednesday, December 28, 2011

South Island Day 2

Blenheim -Christchurch.

Christmas morning, and I awoke to a stunning day in the south.  I headed south towards Christchurch via Kaikoura.  I had the road all to myself, after all it was Christmas morning, and I presumed most bikers were busy looking under there tree for a new bike , or bike farkels.  Me, well, I had to satisfy myself by riding a empty, and fantastic highway.

This ride, which is probably overshadowed by the roads on the west coast is still a fantastic ride on a bike.  Big loping corners, little traffic and once on the coast spectacular scenery.  I suppose in reality it is only a taste of things to come, but it is a great welcome to this part of the country.

Leaving Blenheim it is a easy ride to you hit the coast and are greeted by the magical coastline.  I stopped by a rest stop and took of my boots and wondered briefly along the beach.  Just soaking in the freedom of being on two wheels, breathing the sea air, I would like to say "being at one with oneself", but I think that is a bit to hippie for me.

So crowded....sigh

I stopped again to take pics of seals basking in the morning sun, judging by the size of the fellas it looks as if there is no shortage of food around.

Kaikoura I stopped for coffee.  Kaikoura is famous for its whale watching and fresh cray fish, which you can normally purchase for road side huts.  I had visions of a freshly cooked Cray for Christmas lunch, but unfortunately nothing was open.

The ride form Kaikoura to Christchurch is another superb road, fast corners and just great riding.

I used my IPhone to guide me to Andrews place just South of Christchurch, it took me down some very back mm....actually tracks would be the more the term I would use.  I wondered where the hell I was, but i got there eventually.  There is a moral in this story some where.

Right road, wrong bike.

I got into Christchurch early afternoon and enjoyed a leisurely wine and later in the evening a outdoor bath (heated by a fire underneath), where i spent a ridiculous amount of time looking at the stars and adding cold water cause it kept getting a wee bit hot.

Andrews Homestead in CHCH
Here is a taste of day 3...


  1. You poor, poor thing. It must be so difficult being on open, beautiful, empty roads. And having to endure wine under the stars in a heated bath? That just sounds so grueling. But you are putting on a mighty good front and showing such positive attitude. I commend you on having the strength to continue on and report this all to your adoring fans. :). Have a great time! Loving the pics.

  2. What a great day. Such beautiful weather and scenery for a multiple day ride.

    It is neat that you could relax in a wood fired hot tub.

  3. Rog, you lucky, lucky lad!! We are truly blessed with the south island and your photos are sensational. For the overseas readers, the blue of the lakes really are that colour - microscopic suspended rock particles reflecting the light!

  4. Roger: One of the things I miss about being in an urban area is the stars. There is so much light pollution that they are difficult to see. I remember the night sky as a child in the rural area where I grew up. I miss that sky. Thanks for refreshing that memory.

  5. Great story and photos, does the BMW make you a more confident rider in the gravel on the Sprint?
    A wood fired hot tub...careful, sounds more like a soup pot or a science experiment, the frog in boiling water syndrome.

  6. Lori: I contemplated phoning you up to let you know what I was doing, but the whole effort of getting out of the bath was just to much, I instead just phoned into the kitchen to get my wine topped up....

    Trobaritz: You have no idea what is coming up on day 5....

    Geoff: I am not sure even the pictures do it justice. But to some one who has been here you truly understand the beauty of his most amazing land.

    Keith: THe sky in the South Isalnd on a clear night is just full of stars, so different from Auckland where I live.

    Brad: Actually it does, the fear factor is not there any more, although I did have a big slide which I though was funny. As for your other comment I shall ignore that given that you guys live in snow covered tents....somewhere.

  7. Day 2 looks terrific. There is something magical about riding a motorbike near the ocean and I guess that is to do with the smell of the sea? Having unintentionally explored gravel roads due to being too willing to follow a gps, you have my sympathy. I hate gravel when being on the wrong bike. The bath and wine sounded very relaxing – perfect after a days riding on those roads!

  8. Hmmm...nice. Rub it in. Hope the butter and gravy smelled good in the 'bath'. ;)