Sunday, December 18, 2011

Blogging from iPad

Ignore this one everyone, I am testing blogging and up loading pics from my iPad for when I attack the south island next week.

Here is a picture of Moses!


  1. I would ignore this post but I seem to be inexplicably held by Moses' eyes.....

  2. Ken:....wait to you see him hungry!

  3. So it is possible to blog from the iPad?

    A recent blog report indicated difficulty.

    Beautiful pussy cat!


  4. You may want to think of getting a wireless keyboard, its hard to edit posts on the ipad with the touch pad,but it is easier with the keyboard.
    This is just what I have found with mine. But then again mine is 1st generation. BTW your cat has bewitching eyes.......

  5. Moses is incansdescent with rage at having been photographed without permission :-).

    Have a great trip south and be safe mate!

  6. Wow, your iPad has a flash? Oh wait, nevermind.

  7. Pretty kitteh!

    I tried to post from my iPad one time but it doesn't always let me type in the selected area. Looks like you have figured it out though.

  8. Let me know what you think of it. Was thinking of trying it myself.

  9. I'd make a comment, but I'm ignoring this post instead. See, I can follow directions . . . when I want to.

  10. Nikos: Yes he is beautiful..and yes you can blog.
    Dar: Might try that.

    Geoff: Thanks...and you knwo my cat well.


    Trobaritz: Yes she pretty, like her owner.
    Keith: I am speechless.

    Lori: I will let you knwo how I do it!

  11. cinco says hello moses!
    as for me, im ignoring as asked ;) enjoy your travels!

  12. Roger – Great to speak with you the other day. Thanks for the advice about the latest Blogger App, which makes all the difference. I tried it and you are right, it is easy with that latest version. I am now convinced to only take my iPad on my next trip abroad.

  13. Mq01: Cinco....what a great name!

  14. Gary: Glad I was able to help mate, I must admit I was pretty pleased when I got it all sorted, certainly makes it easier when on the road. I enjoyed talking to you to. All the best.